Step 14: Add white ring

The white ring is made from white duct tape, and is completed in similar fashion to the center blue circle. 

Trace the pattern piece labeled "WHITE CIRCLE" 8 or 9 times onto two strips of white duct tape, as shown in the second photo.

For placement of the white ring on the shield, I just eyeballed it. The goal is to have three rings of equal width (red, white, red). If it looks funny or crooked, you can always pull it up and re-do it.

A more precise method would be to use a ruler or measuring tape to place a few marks around the shield from the center point to aid in the placement of the white ring. The inside edge of the white ring should be placed about 7 1/8" (181 mm) from the center point of the shield. (Thanks to Iron-Man227 for this tip!)
when i try to open the pdf it wont, can you help?
Here's the file right here. If still you can't open it, it's a problem on your end. Make sure you have the latest adobe reader.
Thanks! Will surely post a pic after shield is complete
<p>Hi its me again.</p><p>I just wanted to ask that will normal glue work instead of a hot glue gun?</p><p>In India the price of a glue gun is $60 so its expensive.</p><p>if not normal glue then what else can work?</p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>Hot glue has the benefit of being flexible, so I'm not sure what other kind of glue could work as a substitute.</p><p>However, you could try simply taping each wedge of cardboard together, and skipping the glue altogether. That might work, but let me know how it goes. Best of luck! :)</p>
<p>Hi! Very nice method to make the shield! I am making it but I had a question.</p><p>Does it break or bend if it hits something very fast?</p>
<p>Thanks, glad to hear you're making one.</p><p>My kids stepped on it and sat on it (dome-side up), and I threw it into walls and stuff all the time. It always came back to the same shape, so I'd say it's actually super durable! :)</p>
<p>Excellent tutorial!! Thank you so much for sharing!</p>
This is the best thing of ever seen thanks for sharing this with the rest of the world you are an amazing person!!!
<p>Thanks so much for posting this! I'm about halfway through with covering it with duct tape (since it's for a costume, not to throw, I didn't use rope) and the center seems incredibly flimsy. Will that go away if I use another layer or two of tape or do I have to do something to reinforce it?</p>
<p>If it's super flimsy in the middle, you could cut out a 6 inch (or so) circle of cardboard and hot glue or tape that to the underside in the middle. That may work to reinforce it.</p><p>But that's just a guess though, as I can't say for sure why your shield seems flimsy. Mine was fairly rigid. Try a few things and see what works best. Good luck! </p>
<p>Thanks, I appreciate it!</p>
<p>Once i have printed everything and also cut it on cardboard, once i start to connect the first triangle parts , can i use masking tape or scotch tape on it? Because i do not have access to duct tape right now. Thanks!</p>
<p>I'm not sure masking tape or scotch tape will work, unfortunately. Duct tape is the only thing I know of that will work well for this.</p>
<p>could i use cloth tape?</p>
<p>That might work. Give it shot, and let me know how it goes! :)</p>
<p>to print out the pdf, do you need a3 paper?</p>
<p>Paper size will vary depending on what country you live in, but you can just print on whatever size of paper you have. </p><p>The paper I used was North American letter size (8 1/2" by 11"). </p>
<p>Hi! I did it half way but somehow i think my shield is too sharp(?) , so i add 1 more wedge or is it suppose to be this coney(?) T.T </p>
<p>Hi there. It should not be pointy or coney. The shield should be domey, like a Frisbee. Check out the photos other people have shared here in the comments; yours should look and be shaped just the same. Good luck!</p>
<p>So much fun to make. Leta hope it flys! </p>
<p>Very cool! That looks like it turned out great. </p><p>Thanks for sharing the photo of your finished shield. It's always fun to see that people are still making this :)</p>
<p>Wow this is such a great idea and really great instructions, I'll have a go at making this sometime soon!</p>
<p>I did it yesterday with my son. We had to change sizes a little bit because of lack of all needed tapes. Works great. Thanks. </p>
<p>Very nice! Thanks for sharing the photo of your finished shield! </p>
<p>Thanks for the instructions! It turned out well. It was supposed to be for my 5 yr old, but my husband ended up liking it too!</p>
<p>That's a good looking shield! Thanks for sharing the pic :)</p>
<p>thank you :)</p><p>i don't have red and blue tape, so i paint the shield !</p>
<p>Looks great!! </p>
<p>Great tutorial! </p><p>I modified the approach a bit: Used spray cans and different tape for the front. Turned out really well, and it was done just in time for a cosplay party! </p>
<p>Hey, your shield looks great! I hope you were the star of the party! :)</p>
<p>Awesome, but Iron Man FTW</p>
<p>Hi, I was very interested in your Captain America Shield, and I've been wanting to build this 3 years now. I'm on the part where I'm sticking the cardboard triangles together to form the body of the shield, but it seems way too flimsy, how do I make it more stiff and durable?</p>
<p>Hi there!</p><p>The shield will stiffen up as you complete the full circle shape. When you add the thick rope and some layers of duct tape it should stiffen up some more. Good luck!</p>
I've completed the full circle, but it still isn't stiff, and the center keeps sinking down, I used a thick book to support it.
<p>Love the whole idea of making your own shield.</p><p>Just wondering if I am going to make it for a costume and have no need for the Frisbee side of things can I leave the rope off?</p>
<p>I think you could reasonably do that. Although, I suspect the rope adds some stability to the disc-shape though. I haven't made a shield without the rope so I can't say for certain. If you decide to make it rope-less, let me know how it goes! :)</p>
<p>Friend please help me, I did not understand the printing method.</p><p>How do you reach the pictures in optimal size ???</p><p>The shield will be very small</p>
<p>That looks about right, actually. When you put the two halves of the pattern for the wedge piece, it should be about 10 inches long.</p>
<p>That was my doubts, I found small 10-inch size</p><p>Thank you for being kind to your visitors :)</p>
<p>Keep in mind that makes a shield that's 20 inches in diameter. You could even print the pattern a little bigger if you wanted a larger shield.</p>
Thank you so much I was worried that there was a great shield that I don't have to spend over $50 for, and I will gladly post a pic when I finish it...
Sorry, &quot;I was glad&quot;, not worried

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