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This is a simple children’s toy. It is suspended against a wall or over a door frame, and as you pull on either side of the string the eagle will "fly" up the string.

For this project you will need
• A small block of wood about 1.5 inches wide, by 10 inches, and ¾ of an inch thick
• About 16 feet of string
Scroll saw (band saw or coping saw will work)
• A drill and 1/8 inch bit (enough for the string to slide through easily)
Silhouette an eagle (to trace)
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Step 1: Tracing

Picture of Tracing
Start by tracing the silhouette of the eagle, about 4 inches long (wing tip to wing tip), onto one side of the block.

Step 2: Cutting out the Eagle

Picture of Cutting out the Eagle
DSCF5445 - Copy.JPG
Cut out the silhouette and a ½ inch by 4 inch block as a spreader bar

Step 3: Drilling the Eagles Wings

Picture of Drilling the Eagles Wings
Drill two holes from the bottom of the eagles wings at about a 45 degree angle towards the head of the eagle. This is what will allow the eagle to move up the string, so make sure the holes are angled towards the head of the eagle.

Step 4: Drilling the spreader bar

Picture of Drilling the spreader bar
Drill three holes into the spreader bar; one in the center, the others spaced evenly on either side

Step 5: Threading

Picture of Threading
take 14 feet of string and thread it through each hole in the eagle’s wings and then through the two outside holes in the spreader bar, tie off each side securely. so that the string loops from one end of the spreader bar down through one wing up through the other and connects to the opposite side of the spreader bar.

Step 6: Hanging the Assembly

Picture of Hanging the Assembly
Use the remaining string to thread through the center hole in the spreader bar and suspend the entire assembly.

Step 7:

Picture of
To operate the toy alternate pulling on either side of the loop of string, and the eagle will “fly” up the string. Allow the string to go slack and the eagle will fall back down the string.

rimar20003 years ago
Nice toy, good instructable!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
I really want to get this on the front page, but I think it needs a more striking main image. Could you take some more pictures of it, perhaps against a dark background, and/or in use? I think a lot of people would really enjoy this!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Awesome. Looks like fun!
Kiteman3 years ago
Climbing toys rock!