This is a simple children’s toy. It is suspended against a wall or over a door frame, and as you pull on either side of the string the eagle will "fly" up the string.

For this project you will need
• A small block of wood about 1.5 inches wide, by 10 inches, and ¾ of an inch thick
• About 16 feet of string
Scroll saw (band saw or coping saw will work)
• A drill and 1/8 inch bit (enough for the string to slide through easily)
Silhouette an eagle (to trace)

Step 1: Tracing

Start by tracing the silhouette of the eagle, about 4 inches long (wing tip to wing tip), onto one side of the block.
Nice toy, good instructable!
I really want to get this on the front page, but I think it needs a more striking main image. Could you take some more pictures of it, perhaps against a dark background, and/or in use? I think a lot of people would really enjoy this!
Awesome. Looks like fun!
Climbing toys <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Climbing-Cardboard-Gorilla/">rock</a>!

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