Flying Manatee





Introduction: Flying Manatee

The Flying Manatee flaps its wings in reaction to motion.

It's a great project to get you started with simple DIY maker projects.

Step 1: Planning the Circuit

Step 2:

Follow the scheme and put together the circuit.

* This circuit was generated by

Step 3: Upload Code to Arduino

After you finish putting together the circuit, connect your Arduino to your computer and upload the code.

Step 4: 3D Print

Now it is time to 3D print the manatee. Follow the printing steps and instructions here.

You can also download the STL zip file directly from this step and start printing.

Step 5: Assembly

Place the battery and the PCB into place, connect the body parts with screws, and you're done!

Place the manatee at your doorway or anywhere else, and it will flap its wings when it detects movement.

Step 6: Have an Idea of Your Own?

If you want to create your own cool project, and need help with generating schematics or code, you are welcome to try out our system @



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Questions & Answers


Holy.. those wings are adorable! Interesting design and compartmentalization for the manatee insides.

the link you left for the motion sensor directs to the battery...