Picture of Flying Origami
Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into different objects, shapes, and animals. This instructable will guide you though on how to make a beautiful flapping origami bird. These instructions will teach you basic folds used in origami that will contribute to the final product, a bird with flapping wings. No need to be an expert, this craft can be created by all levels of expertise. This craft is so fun and easy and it will only take a few minutes of your time. Once you learn these basic oragami steps, constructing the flapping bird will only become easier with each time you construct this craft. Have fun and good luck.

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Step 1: List of Supplies

Picture of List of Supplies
Luckily, the art of origami is not an expensive hobby to have. All you need for supplies are:
             1) A square sheet of paper.
             2) A hard surface.

*You can purchase square sheets of oragami paper with beautiful designs at any crafts store. Usually these sheets are very colorful and come in many different themed designs. Or you can make your own square sheet from leftover rectangular paper. If you make your own square sheet, you can color or draw you own personal designs.
*You need a hard surface so you can fold good, clean creases into the paper. Clean creases are important for further steps down the road. Always fold clean creases unless instructed otherwise.
princesszmd3 years ago
this isnt really a "flying" bird. im sorry but i8 cant figutre out how to make it fly.
Mothys4 years ago
nice.... you use the same oringami paper as i do.... did you get it at hobby lobby?