Step 10: Fly Birdie Fly

Congratulations! You have now finished your flapping origami bird. Now that you completed the bird itself, it's time to impress all and learn how to make your bird fly.
               1) Hold onto the front "feet" below the head.
               2) Pull on tail to make the wings flap.

Don't stop now. Now that you know these basic origami steps, challenge yourself. Try making different sized birds, different colors, or different styles. Try adding your own touch to the origami flapping bird. If you are interested in trying something new, purchase an origami book. These instructional origami books contain tons of information on how to make new animals and shapes that are both easy and difficult. Share your new knowledge with others. Teach others how to make an origami flapping bird or jest impress your friends with what you can make out of a paper dinner menu. Indulge in your new found knowledge and keep trying new things!
<p>I can not get it to have both wings fly</p>
this isnt really a &quot;flying&quot; bird. im sorry but i8 cant figutre out how to make it fly.
nice.... you use the same oringami paper as i do.... did you get it at hobby lobby?

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