Step 2: Folding

Picture of Folding
This first step is to make the initial fold lines. These fold lines will assist in a few of the more difficult steps to come. Like mentioned before, be certain to make sharp creases so your lines are easily indentifiable and easier to work with.
               1) Position the sheet so the colorful/desired side is facing the table.
               2) Fold one corner to the opposite corresponding corner.
               3) Turn the sheet 90 degrees.
               4) Fold the remaining corner to its opposite corner.
               5) Fold paper in half so it makes a rectangle when folded.
               6) Fold paper in half again.
               7) Check that sheet has 4 creased lines (like in the last photo):
                              A) 2 from corner to corner.
                              B) 2 from top to bottom.