Flying Paper Rocket in 9 Easy Steps





Introduction: Flying Paper Rocket in 9 Easy Steps

hey friends !

Here's how you can make your own paper rocket very easily. you can launch it and if made accurately can go up to 1000 feet in the air. its really amazing and you'll enjoy making it and of course sending it high in the air.

check out the video for more info.

Step 1: Material Required

You'll need the following materials which are very easily available at home.

1. A sheet of paper ( A4 works best )

2. scissors

3.a big rubber band or elastic band.

once you've got these material you're all set for the launch .

Step 2: Getting Started

So in the first step make a vertical crease in the centre of the paper and fold as shown in the images along the crease

Step 3:

Follow the folds show in the image , make creases shown and fold along them.

Step 4:

After done with step 3 fold the paper on the vertical crease.

Step 5:

Now make a crease as shown and fold along it.

Step 6:

Now once you're done with step 4 make a small diagonal cut on the open side of the rocket as shown in the image.

Step 7:

Now open the rocket from the vertical crease. you'll have 2 diagonal cuts on both sides of the rocket.

fold the lower part of the rocket ( part below the cut ) on both sides as show in the images.

Step 8:

Now again close the rocket by folding along the vertical crease as show in the image.

Step 9: All Set for the Launch

You're now all set for the launch.

to launch take 2 rubber bands and join the together as show in the image and then hook one end of the band in the cut of the rocket and hold the other in your hand now pull back the rocket as much as you can an launch high in the air .

Don't point the rocket or shoot it on anyone's face, it goes really fast. its the quality of the rubber band which decides how high your rocket will go. with a good quality elastic band it goes up to a 1000 feet



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I didn't understand how to make the Launch, can you explain me?

yeah ... there's a video attached, you can take a look

Tried it, but the instructions are unfortunately very very unclear. I could follow until the step where I need to make the cut but there I am completely lost. Would be nice if you could clarify this step in more detail, maybe with more pictures.

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why don't you check the attached video, it will help.....

in step 2. First fold the paper 1/4" from the top and then follow step 2.

After step 9, make small cut of 1/4" in the tail. It should be 1/2" from the tail end. Unfold the paper slightly to create air resistance. This paper rocket will go nearly in straight line so operate with care.

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To make the front tip heavy, the paper should be folded perpendicular to main fold line. Secondly, at the back end make small cut and open the fold. This will give a small air resistance. Like feathers on the arrow. This paper rocket goes in a straight line. We use it to shoo away annoying crows and cats in Mumbai, india

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I wish you could be more specific how and where the perpendicular and the cut were done / made, exactly with measurements. I think you are on to something important. The details would help.

I want to make flight possible ! Defying Gravity must be a fact! ?

I got lost at step 5. I couldn't figure out what the folds are from the photo.

Loop the rubber band(s), on the end of a length of wood dowel or a pencil, for a handle, is what I did way back in the day.

I love it! It makes for a great cat toy, flying back and forth across a room. \o/

Brilliant! So easy to make, and really effective.

Took 10 minutes to make 2 of these and the boys have been sitting them back and forth between them for 20 minutes.

show us a video of it flying, 1000 ft seems hyperbolic.


use 2 good quality rubber bands. its approx value in perfect weather conditions