Introduction: Flying Paper Rocket

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I will show you how to make a beautiful flying paper rocket.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

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-Toilet Paper Rolls

-A brass paper fastener

-Aluminium Paper ( optional)

-Elastic Rubber

-Tape or Glue

-Brass paper fastener

-Tube (optiional)

-Blue Tac (optional)

Step 2: Shape

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First stick together two paper rolls and then roll them with the aluminium paper( You can paint them or decorate them however you want, there are a million posibilities! ). To make the window cut a hole and paint it blue .

Step 3: Top Part

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To make the top part cut a round piece of paper and make a cut from one side to the center. Then from that cut overlap the two sides to make a cone. Then stick it at the top of the Rocket.

Step 4: Bottom Part

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Then cut a round piece of cardboard of the same size of the bottom part of the rocket, then stick the brass paper fastener and any thin stick , I use a stick from a lolipop. Then stick the cardboard to the bottom part of the rocket.

Step 5: Stand (optional)

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Cut a bigger round piece of cardboard and stick to it the end of the tube and in the tube push through a piece of blue tac.That's yor stand.

Step 6: Fly

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To mak it fly get the elastic rubber band and position it through your fingers and through the brass paper fastener ( as shown in the photo). Then tense it and let go.

Step 7: End

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You should have a beautiful rocket to play with and to decorate your room.


coolcrafter101 (author)2017-02-26

How far does the rocket go?

aclabs (author)coolcrafter1012017-02-26

It depends on how rigid and how tense yo make it but mine could go between 3 to 5 meters meters.

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