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Introduction: Paper Flying RC Back to the Future Delorean (made of Paper)

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Like a lot of people I have always been a big fan of the Back to The Future franchise. I have always dream with having a flying Delorean that travels in time but that not being possible (yet) i went with the best next thing. I made an RC flying Delorean to scale made out of paper. What makes this baby fly is a quadrotor donated by my friend and the car is 12" wide 30" long and 9" high. I tried to do as many details as possible the entire interior illuminates all the buttons and the dash and the Flux capacitor. The needle in the speedometer also moves to to 88mph. I am so proud of this project and it was extremely time consuming but the final result was worth it. I design all the parts that i wanted to illuminate in the computer and the printed the in a transparency. 

Guys let me know if you want me to publish a step by step instructable and ill get it done as soon as possible. 

Video of the dash showing how the needle moves:
This is the video showing the lights and how everything lights up:

This is a video of the Delorean flying at night, i couldn't get it to stop spinning and had to edit because i crashed a couple times :)

This are the original plans for the Delorean.
This plans are for a 1:20 scale, I printed the pages and the took them to kinkos and had them print at 400% the size.
I'm going to add a video hopefully tomorrow so you guys can see it in action and the lights.

Thank you very much to Claudio Dias at

Please vote for me if you guys like my project. Please ask questions if you have any and ill make the best to answer as soon as possible.



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    how can i make this car scale 1:15?

    please answer

    This only needs to be updated by putting it on a 160mm mini quad racer! The fuel issue looks like a moot point. It's running on Lithium fusion battery's these days, sold everywhere! LOL!

    i want a step by step guide

    Will this model actually travel back in time? This is critically important!

    this is really cool. would love to see a step by step of this

    Great strong good job, if they pleases you messenger I the pdf with quite the instructions and cutting(division) on my e-mail thanks to you

    Its insanely amazing, The wheels are missing though, where can i get one?

    I don't mean to put down your effort, but if it's a flying DeLorean time machine, where's Mr. Fusion? It looks like you have the Plutonium powered model. Inaccurate.

    Mr Fusion was a plot crutch!;)