Flying Santa




Introduction: Flying Santa

This Christmas Tree topper circles the tree about once per minute.

Using a #176050 motor, 12 volt dc power supply and printed parts: it doesn't take long to put together and it's quite sturdy.

Step 1:

Start with the base. This is just a piece with a square slot large enough to hold the motor (with a hole out the back for wires). Connect the power supply to the motor and place the motor in the base.

Step 2:

Fasten the motor to the lid with two screws.

Step 3:

Fasten the lid to the base with two screws.

Step 4:

Fasten the base to the top of the tree with tie wraps.

Step 5:

My wife made a Santa from clay. I scanned and printed Santa in plastic, then she painted him so that he could be a colorful character.

Step 6:

Taking the "T" piece and fishing line, I attached Santa.

Step 7:

Press fit the arm to the motor shaft and plug it in.



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