This project is just for fun, and is useful for small dogs, cats and space chickens. Can also be used for pranks, as in putting it on your neighbours or workmates lawn while they are out, taking photos of it abducting  his gnomes then emailing him photos of the the saucer and gnomes in different locations.
I got the kids to make it to get them away from there ipods for a few hours.

Step 1: Where Did It Come From?

We were recently flooded out here it a picture of the flood water after it had receded somewhat it was up to the bottom of the windows and all manner of crap floated into our back yard, but this thing was the most interesting.  After lots of inquires I think its the front wheel off an  aqua bike, something that we don't see around here 3 hours inland. I'm annoyed it didn't come with the rest of the bike as I could have used it in the flood.
<p>SOOO cool! it took a while for my cat to trust sleeping in an enclosed space, but now she loves it too!</p>
<p>Thankyou, Ive been thinking of putting it on a friends roof while hes out</p>
very cool!
There's cool and there's very cool, that is very, very cool, kudos !
Awesome job turning flotsam into the best pet house ever.
This made it to our Facebook page. Here are the discarded ideas for the status update: <br /><br />This season of HBO's Cathouse will be hotter than ever.<br />DIY Feline Space Exploration.<br />Moonrock Kitty Litter Sold Separately.
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Quest_III:_The_Pirates_of_Pestulon#Astro_Chicken">Space chickens!</a>
I think I saw one last night!
First Contact!!!! The good aliens came on Earth and they are Caitian! <a href="http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Caitian" rel="nofollow">http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Caitian</a> I like your instructable, it's great!!!!!! Not very simple, but really nice!
I'd sleep in a house like that. I mean, if I was a pet of course :)
Hooray space pets! This is an excellent reuse for such an odd object. :D

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