Flying V From a Board?


Introduction: Flying V From a Board?

I must be Bored... Yup, found a board... well I think it found me... anyways, is probably a 100 year old piece of wood... and who knows how old the tree was that it was taken from... Dunno how it will hold up as a guitar body, but am going to find out ... and the only powertools I have is a portable drill and a palmsander... everything else is hand tools only... Only part I will not do here, is the drilling of the blind holes for the bridge and tailpiece... That I will job out to the local music shop... they did my last one for me and did a great job(see Resurrection of a 1960's Woolworths Teisco Audition electric guitar). So on with the show ...



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    hey pls give the measurements along with the instructable ..thanks

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    I am sorry I didn't see your post earlier.. If you like I can take some measurements off the finished product for scale. And post an image with the final sizes.

    Thanks.. I am still Blinging it out a little... so will be adding some post-notes and a final product pic...