Flying Witch





Introduction: Flying Witch

How it works?

You need basically three things for flying: speed, airfoil and control surfaces, you can see all of them in the witch.

Step 1: Plans

Here you have the plans, if you haven't a A0 printer don't worry, the PDF file contains the plans in A4 format.

Remember that parts 5,8 and 9 are control surfaces:

5 - Rudder

8 & 9 - Elevator

Step 2: Material

Depron, is a foam family product, lightweight and easy to cut.

Step 3: RC Parts

This instructable uses same parts than RC airplanes such a:

Motor (x1):

ESC (x1) (Electronic Speed Control);

Propeller (x1):

Servomotor (x2):

Lipo Battery (2S 600mAh x1):

And a receiver for your transmitter... haven't?.

Step 4: Tools

To cut depron: cutter or scalpel

To glue depron; Hot silicone gun

Reinforcing structure: Carbon fiber rods (3 mm)

Connect servos with control surface: Carbon fiber rods (2 mm)

For control surface hinge: standard adhesive tape

Step 5: Learn to Fly (if Necessary Only)

No, i don't speak about Foo Fighters song but it will be more fun if you know... Enjoy.



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    amazing :)

    Love the video. Can you add some steps on assembling the project?

    1 reply

    I'll add assembly steps this summer during hollidays.

    Very nicely done. Bravo sir Bravo. I do remember back years go when I was still flying RC (and teaching it) a guy had a flying lawn mower and he would walk out with it running and it really looked like he was mower the lawn. Then he would act like he lost control and off it would take. The audience thoroughly enjoying his flying lawn mower flying around.

    Yours looks as good, and it really like it. Thumbs up!

    1 reply

    thanks.. :P