Picture of Flying a 3 channel RC (gyro) Helicopter.
Flying a RC helicopter is easy, but flying one with a gyro is a whole lot easier. If you don't know what a gyro is. I'll tell you in  step one. I will be showing the following, charging dock, throttle, steering, landing, lift off, what a gyro is, and what is a three channeled controller. 
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Step 1: What is a three channel control and gyro?

Picture of what is a three channel control and gyro?
A three channel controlled helicopter, means that you can make it fly six directions. Forward, backwards, left, right, up, and down.
There is more than one definition of a gyro. So, what it basically does is it Auto-stabilizes the helicopter. Even though it has a gyro you still will need to use the trim. If you want to see a gyro Google search "toy gyro";  this is the best way to see what a gyro is, because there is websites that will tell you more facts than what I know.

Step 2: Flying

If the throttle stick does not have a spring, it can hover. The left side of the controller is to gain and lose altitude, and the right side is to move it forward, backwards, and side to side (L & R)

Step 3: Trimming

Trimming is super simple. If the helicopter is spinning to  the right (clockwise), you move the trim knob to the left.
If the helicopter is spinning to the left (counter clockwise), you move the trim knob to the right .  It's that simple.


Charging is important if you want your helicopter to last. If you don't fully charge the helicopter, you will have to replace the battery. Some helicopters can be charged by USB. But they are commonly charged by the charging dock in the controller. 

Step 5: Landing and Lift off.

Picture of Landing and Lift off.
I will show you a video flying the helicopter.  You will be able to see my other Instructable's video, but don't see them because that's not what you want unless you are interested in making an RC car out of  Legos  So here is the video, hope you like it.
sumits14 months ago

i lost my charger . where can i buy it ?

Dany2345 (author)  sumits14 months ago

They are available on amazon. Try a local hobby shop if you don't want to risk your battery to not be able to recharge (don't worry too much...can last a week maybe less or more) . Amazon link:

947067 months ago

can i be your friend

Dany2345 (author)  947067 months ago

Don't see why not.

NiKiToS7 months ago

I take it your heli uses Li-Po batteries as well... I am trying to think of a way to stick bigger battery in it, any ideas?

Dany2345 (author)  NiKiToS7 months ago

here is a link on a tutorial.

Dany2345 (author)  NiKiToS7 months ago

I do know the battery's are replaceable. it all depends on the type of heli, because not all types of battery's are compatible with all rc helis. so overall there is a way.

balexandru9112 months ago
Hello.Am helicopter with gyroscope 6108 BR exalted and rotates when you turn left all helicopter .... Please ajutatima! P: s: It is normal to keep the battery 10 minutes?
Dany2345 (author)  balexandru9111 months ago
I'm very sorry for the late reply. I've been busy. (note: it is long, the Question was a bit hard to understand but i still got it)
You could try turning it off and then turning it back on (making sure it's on a leveled surface when turned on (or as quick as possible) and when it connects with the transmitter (control) mainly for the gyro to be a little bit more accurate) helicopter first then transmitter.

That heli tends to be very stable so i have no clue why it might be doing that unless something is damaged on it.
Check it for noticeable damage on the blades.
If it's nothing external it could be something internally damaged (it could also be the battery (depending on how it is spinning). If it is spinning near the floor (on full throtlle, not a good idea for full throtle) for a short time, you might need to change the battery in the

Oh. Wight. Does it fly well but when you turn left it spines out of control and increases in height?
If that is the case it might be a design problem on it or something. (please note i don't have this heli so i really am thinking of possibility's here)

Now for your other Question. yes it is normal for it to fly around 10 minutes. Charging is about 30-45 minutes. check the manual of your heli if it has a specific time. If you don't have the manual the controller has a build in charger with an indicator.

P.S: I would ask at where you got it how to fix it if it is major (the escalating and spinning), but if it can still fly good and turn right no problem then i would just search on youtube for common problems and how to fix it.

I hope this helped.
adam2581 year ago
thanks for sharing this here I am new to this rc helikopter hobby and I am having a little problem during landing. . . I am sure soon I will sort it out.
Dany2345 (author)  adam2581 year ago
Landing can be hard depending on some circumstances. One is the amount of space where you are flying the rc helicopter. For example, if i was to fly a rc helicopter, it will be easier to landed if it was flying in my house kitchen than in my small room.
the reason of that is that there is more space for the air moved be the blades to go to, while in my room the air will just go to the helicopter faster since the air has/will bounced off of the walls, making it harder to land on a wanted location.
So my advice is to learn in a not to small room, and the first few times try to land on the floor.
mkhan451 year ago
how much time should we charge the helicopter and what r the indiations that say that the charging process is complete???? plz help
Dany2345 (author)  mkhan451 year ago
Sorry for the late reply.
For a indoor rc helicopter it usually takes 25-30 minutes maybe 45 but it's not common in indoor inferred helicopters like this one.
the instigation are simple. the light will change cooler or turn off.
Dany2345 (author) 2 years ago
I know the video is a bit strange looking in size. But now I know what to do next time. If you see anything else that needs improvement please comment, for that i can try to fix it. This is my second instructables and i Hope i can do more.
lsf2 years ago
Turn the camera on the left side when you shoot video