Introduction: Flying a 3 Channel RC (gyro) Helicopter.

Picture of Flying a 3 Channel RC (gyro) Helicopter.

Flying a RC helicopter is easy, but flying one with a gyro is a whole lot easier. If you don't know what a gyro is. I'll tell you in  step one. I will be showing the following, charging dock, throttle, steering, landing, lift off, what a gyro is, and what is a three channeled controller. 

Step 1: What Is a Three Channel Control and Gyro?

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A three channel controlled helicopter, means that you can make it fly six directions. Forward, backwards, left, right, up, and down.
There is more than one definition of a gyro. So, what it basically does is it Auto-stabilizes the helicopter. Even though it has a gyro you still will need to use the trim. If you want to see a gyro Google search "toy gyro";  this is the best way to see what a gyro is, because there is websites that will tell you more facts than what I know.

Step 2: Flying

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If the throttle stick does not have a spring, it can hover. The left side of the controller is to gain and lose altitude, and the right side is to move it forward, backwards, and side to side (L & R)

Step 3: Trimming

Picture of Trimming

Trimming is super simple. If the helicopter is spinning to  the right (clockwise), you move the trim knob to the left.
If the helicopter is spinning to the left (counter clockwise), you move the trim knob to the right .  It's that simple.


Picture of CHARGING.

Charging is important if you want your helicopter to last. If you don't fully charge the helicopter, you will have to replace the battery. Some helicopters can be charged by USB. But they are commonly charged by the charging dock in the controller. 

Step 5: Landing and Lift Off.

Picture of Landing and Lift Off.
I will show you a video flying the helicopter.  You will be able to see my other Instructable's video, but don't see them because that's not what you want unless you are interested in making an RC car out of  Legos  So here is the video, hope you like it.

Step 6: Have Fun!!!

Picture of Have Fun!!!

Once you know how to fly it, you will be able to have hours of fun.
I hope you enjoyed seeing this Instructables, and learned something. 


RichardA209 (author)2017-05-02

My helicopter starts up just fine but when i trottle up it cuts out, it starts up again only after i power off, but repeats all over again.

Hi We are having the same issue, any ideas???

rraznyshizard (author)2017-01-27


rraznyshizard (author)2017-01-27

Hello.i am going to buy SYMA S107G.but there is 3ch and 3.5ch in this brand.can anyone tell what is the difference between these two?which is good?

MichaelS1218 (author)2016-12-30

My son got a z32 by P.D. Toys. We tried flying it , but the rear rotor does not spin at all. What is wrong, and how can I fix it?

Nhuus (author)2016-08-06

hello. I have a 3.5 ch original streethunter.air helikopter. I need a manual. Can anyone give me a link

traebramlett (author)2016-07-14

Can i remove the led lights, because i have seizures.

traebramlett (author)2016-07-14

How much can my rc gro 3 band helicopter lift? Mine is similar to yours but it is the red one with the full metal tale amd back propeller is facing the roof.

Captain_Haz (author)2016-03-09

Guys i have a syma S5 its really awesome to control and its soo stable im a beginner too it costs about 55$ and it can take lots of hits too i would recomend this to other beginners

TracyB53 (author)2016-03-08

i have just bought a caipo helicopter it has no instructions at all and I have no idea what I am doing can anyone help, I have plugged it in the charger as it looks like that's what you have to do? Any help would be great xxx

MurdochF (author)2016-01-30

I have lost the charger, do you know where I can get another one please?

NiroshaF (author)2016-01-06

My son's gyro is not working. It's brand new. When "on" button is pushed after charging the gyro the LED lights are not coming on and nothing happens. Can you please advice?

AndrewW101 (author)2015-12-11

my remote isnt working please help:(

Dany2345 (author)AndrewW1012015-12-12

if it doesn't turn on.... It's a faulty remote. If it's not controlling the heli, then it could be that the remote needs to be changed from chanel. Some remotes have a switch to change the channel apart from the trim jobs and power switch. Try switching the channel from the remote would be my advice based on the info given. Hope this helps.

TurtleCrafterxl (author)2015-11-09

what model are you using ?

Dany2345 made it! (author)TurtleCrafterxl2015-12-12

hope the pictures are clear. Sorry for the late reply have been busy

SubhaL (author)2015-09-28

model airfin AF902. it is spin on the ground. Never fly

what is the problem? how to troubleshoot?

it is a new one . please help

Dany2345 (author)SubhaL2015-12-12

could be calibration of the gyro. Try using the trim nob to stabilize it. You could try to contact a near by rc hobby shop to ask if they have experience this problem with this model since (in all the cases where I've goon) they have tested all if not most of the rc helicopters they sell. (Sorry for a late reply, have been busy)

sbyas (author)2015-06-13

I got an air hogs 2.4 ghz black hawk and the main blades click. It wont takeoff. Any ideas

Dany2345 (author)sbyas2015-12-12

might be the blades hitting the balance bar on top if you push the throttle stick to max to soon. Just a guess. (Sorry for the late reply, been busy)

sujan dash (author)2015-05-18

My helicopter doesn't has a gyro, its SX company , it hit my bed and the bottom wings are not working and it is spinning on the ground. Hwow to fix it???

Dany2345 (author)sujan dash2015-12-12

(sorry for a late reply. I've been busy with school and family) I'm guessing what broke was a connection between the blades (blade holder thing) and the axil which makes them spin. You can easily find spare parts online to replace th broken parts. Since I'm unsure if this is the problem, I'd recommend taking the heli to a near by rc hobby shop. They tend to have replacement parts and people that can teach you how to fix them (some do this)... Etc on what they could help you with.

Unashamed4l1fe (author)2015-09-15

I am thinking of getting an r/c heli and this helps thanks

VishnuR (author)2015-02-27

this is the one,what am I supposed to do to make it fly

Dany2345 (author)VishnuR2015-04-08

it probably is. double check if the top blades aren't the same as the bottom ones. they can be told apart by the letters on them. the top ones seem to be B on the picture. I can't make out the bottom ones though.

poonam121 (author)2015-04-06

The Flyer's Bay Gold Edition(2.0) 3.5 Channel Large Helicopter

The upper blade got destroyed but couldnt manged to find the replaced part could you please help me to find it

Dany2345 (author)poonam1212015-04-08

getting on it.

xDarkassassin117x. (author)2015-04-03

my rc helicopter only has the bottom rotors. will it still work?

you most likely have to get the top ones replaced.

VishnuR (author)2015-02-27

My helicopter hit my house roof and now it won't fly, it will jus spin on the ground.what do I do to make it fly again the blades were damaged a bit, but I changed them.

Dgtzr (author)VishnuR2015-03-20

Are your blades facing in the direction. If its spinning in circles on the ground you most likely put them on backwards

Dany2345 (author)Dgtzr2015-03-26

I'll agree with your theory Dgtzr.

Sorry VishnuR for not responding quickly. I have been having issues with my indestructables account. I have not been receiving email notifications.

I'll study the pic you posted when i find some spare time. In a rush right now.

ShivaT (author)2015-02-08

my helicopter charger is not charging and switch of helicopter is not on the helicop-ter what i do?

Dany2345 (author)ShivaT2015-02-26

for the switch missing try and use a pen or something small to move switch part remaining.

Dany2345 (author)ShivaT2015-02-08

If its what i think that happened..... (switch fell off?)..... then there is an easy alternative. (i would like to know to tell you advice at the best of my ability.)

For the charging.... they are all different and some turn on when fully charged while others will turn off when fully charged etc. Now are you talking about the lights on the heli or the charger itself.

ShivaT (author)2015-02-08


my helicopter on/off switchgoes defect and not on charger light was not blink what i do ?

ShivaT (author)ShivaT2015-02-08


helicopter name is sky genius

allenp2 (author)2015-01-16

the heli factory name is donghuang toys factory it address is chenghai district shantou city guangdong province china item dh866

Dany2345 (author)allenp22015-01-16

I cant seem to find that specific model.

What you could do is to search the name of the heli that is on the box it came in, followed by parts. That way you can get specific parts for it such as new blades, batterys, chargers, etc. you could then take it to a near by rc hobby shop for them to change out the parts (note not all hobbie shops do this). (also note it is best to take it to a shop to have it check before buying something incase it is just a lose cable insde or something amongs thouse lines)

It could be ideal to contact the company that made it. here is the phone number.


Please excuse my spelling... i am replying at midnight.

allenp2 (author)2015-01-14

i bought a new charger but then also charge is not entering into the heli what can i do now? this is my helicopter were can i get it repared (not through internet sites).

Dany2345 (author)allenp22015-01-14

Do you happen to still know the helicopters name?

Did the charger on the controller not work?

You could go to a local rc hobbie shop for repairs, parts and info aswell.

allenp2 (author)2015-01-14

i bought a new charger but then also charge is not entering into the heli what can i do now? this is my helicopter were can i get it repared (not through internet sites).

allenp2 (author)2015-01-10

i also have a new heli but the next day i played more time so when i charge the light is not blinging what happen to it can i repair it

Dany2345 (author)allenp22015-01-11

It can be that it is a diffrent charger... In some chargers the light turns on when done charging and is off when charging. (i should specify that in the instructables)

if not that....

Check if the heli is turned of properlly. (i forgot to turn it off the first time i got a heli 8 years ago)

Also make sure the charger is placed correctlly in the heli (and if it is a usb charger... also make sure it is pluged in correctlly aswell to the power source)

If that is not it, it could be battery damage.

If the fist time you used it, the battery ran low and you did not charge it and then used it again.... the battery could of gotten damaged. But don't worry... it is reparable.

sumits1 (author)2014-08-04

i lost my charger . where can i buy it ?

Dany2345 (author)sumits12014-08-04

They are available on amazon. Try a local hobby shop if you don't want to risk your battery to not be able to recharge (don't worry too much...can last a week maybe less or more) . Amazon link:

94706 (author)2014-05-04

can i be your friend

Dany2345 (author)947062014-05-15

Don't see why not.

NiKiToS (author)2014-04-30

I take it your heli uses Li-Po batteries as well... I am trying to think of a way to stick bigger battery in it, any ideas?

Dany2345 (author)NiKiToS2014-05-08

here is a link on a tutorial.

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