My husband has always wanted to fly, but I thought it was far too risky. The opposite was true, flying a powered paraglider can be very safe when you follow the rules. We wanted to put together a tutorial for anyone who has the desire to fly to understand that they really can do it. I will say that these steps are not to replace a real instructor, but that these steps are things to remember, practice, and be familiar with when you are ready to fly.

Step 1: Get Comfortable With Your Machine

The most important thing you need to do is become very familiar with your machine and all the major aspects until you can perform them safely and consistently.

The first 3 parts are:

1- practicing kiting the wing so that you are able to pull it into the air and steer it so that it is straight and level with the ground.

2- Become familiar with the throttle and how to ease into a full throttle and as well as releasing the throttle smoothly. This worked great using tie downs hooked to a soccer goal. It helps you understand the power and feel how a full throttle really feels.

3- And lastly is to wear it on your back and get use to using the throttle while walking around. Since this flying machine is for 'Foot Launching' it is important to really become comfortable with wearing it. Going into details on each of these things would be a long tutorial in itself.
always wondered how it was done! we have a group of 2 or 3 that fly around every weekend near my home in Alabama. kudos for wanting to do this , and great ible
<p>You don't say anything about getting hold of an engine and wing. </p>
Hi just saying that thermals are good if you use them for example I am training to paraglider and soon paramotoring so I am going to be turning of my engine and soaring. So it all depends on what you are going to do.
Pintail... hahah... I just saw what you meant. I called it a kite the entire time. You are right it is a wing, but I just put kite instead.
Pintail120... haha.. I know but I had to enter it under some category and that was the closest thing I could find. I guess both fly right? Kinda? sorta....? <br> <br>Penolopy, it is something that my husband always wanted and the more I see him fly the more I want to try it. We bought a trike... like a 3 wheeled seat so I could at some point... maybe next summer! <br> <br>and doodlecraft... I love that name... the only painful part has been how heavy that machine is! lol.
It's not a kite !<br>Its a wing
This looks so fun...and actually, surprising painless! Great instructions and pics too! :)
Hmmm, I need to get one of those :)

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