Step 4: Make a Dragon Tail

Using a side piece from the body of the sweater, I cut a diagonal line across.  I loosely measured how many inches between my son's behind and the floor. This is how I decided on the tail-length.

I cut more of those fins, gradually going smaller as I got closer to the end of the tail.

I tucked the fins inside and pinned where my seam would be.  I stitched it on my machine, turned it right-side-out, then used poly-fil to stuff it.  Looks great!


<p>I love the wings! An umbrella, brilliant.</p>
I LOVE it!!!!<br>My son is an absolute dragon fan.<br>I'm going to a felting workshop this weekend learning how to felt a piece of clothing - I'm making a dragon bodice type of thing with scales, spikes (thanks scoochmaroo) and hood. And thanks to you I'll know what to do for wings!!!<br><br>That would work well also for a bat-costume for Halloween!<br><br>X Yasmin
Isn't it amazing how one person's idea can spark another's imagination!!
What did we do before thrift shops came on the scene!! This shows what a great imagination can come up with and produce a unique costume. <br> <br>That shimmery green skirt would have made a glamourous 'Christmas tree' costume, too! But that's another year and a by-gone era!!!
Spikes!<br />I think that's the technical term ;)
Hey thanks! Why couldn't I come up with that?!

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