Introduction: Flying Fish

Picture of Flying Fish

would you like to make your own flying fish?

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

you will need:

- a sheet cardboard

- tissue paper

- a stick (thats stronger than on the picture)

- a rope that is longer than 1.2 meters

- tape

- little balls

- dot-markers and glitter glue (optional)

- scissors

Step 2: Cut and Paste

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cut a piece of cardboard off of about 30 cm. And stick it to the tissue paper

Step 3: Your Own Fish Patern

Picture of Your Own Fish Patern

draw with the dot markers your personal patern on your fish.

pay attention if your working with letters if you make a fault its too late

CAUTION : dont draw eyes we will make these later.

Step 4: Taping It Together

Picture of Taping It Together

tape the sides on each other.

you can also use glue but then you'll need to wait.

Step 5: Give Your Fish a Tail

Picture of Give Your Fish a Tail

Cut on the end of you fish little strips.

Now you fish have a tail.

Step 6: Make Sure Your Fish Can See

Picture of Make Sure Your Fish Can See

take two balls. And make two dots with the glitter glue. Additionaly you can make a dot with a marker but you don't have a pop out effect like by the glue. And after that stick it on your fish.

Step 7: Cut That Rope

Picture of Cut That Rope

cut about 4 pieces of 30 cm an stick it in the inside of the fish his mouth. After all doing this tie it on the stick.

Step 8: Let's Fly That Fish

Picture of Let's Fly That Fish

now go to the garden and watch your fish. If there's wind off course ;)


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-10

Great way to make a DIY kite

thank you for you support.

grtz me ;)

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