Picture of Flying flower
This picture was taken late in the afternoon just before a rainstorm. I saw this flower that was hanging on a spider's web (no, it is not photoshopped!) and I used the flash of my camera (cellphone, galaxy s2) to emphasize the flower. It came out quite spooky as you can see because the flash made the web invisible...
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Step 1: Science

Picture of Science
We were doing some experiments in class and then I saw how brilliant the yellow shone with the bright light from outside coming in from the back.

Step 2: Smiley flower

Picture of Smiley flower
I took my finger here and carved out some of the seeds of the sunflower to make a smiley face. Then I took my Samsung Pixon and took a closed-up picture of the flower with the blue sky and the field splitting the screen in half.

Step 3: Sand

Picture of Sand
Lie flat on your belly and take a shot into the distance with the camera close to the ground.

Step 4: Cap

Picture of Cap
Used sepia filter and a weird angle to take this one of a cap.

Step 5: Granadilla flower

Picture of Granadilla flower
Flower of a grannadilla with a setting that makes green more fresh than normal.
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