Picture of Flying gyroscope out of piece of paper!!
An astonishing flying cylinder that uses the principles of a gyroscope to fly incredible distances!! Even better it requires nothing but a sheet of paper!!!

Here is what you need:

-1 piece of paper (8 1/2 x 11 works best but others will work)
- a couple minutes (seconds if you practice)
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Step 1: Lay your paper out on a flat suface.

Picture of Lay your paper out on a flat suface.
You will need a flat area if you want it to work well and get solid folds.

Step 2: Make an fold that is about 1/2 inch

Picture of Make an fold that is about 1/2 inch
On one side (holding paper landscape style) make a fold that is between 1/2" to 1" wide

The smaller the folds the more dense and short your ring will be

don't make them too small

Step 3: Continue folding

Picture of Continue folding
Keep folding over your first fold until you have the desired amount of unfolded paper.

Step 4: Make a cylinder

Picture of Make a cylinder
either wrap your paper around a cylindrical object or just bend it but it should end up making a ring

Step 5: The tricky part

Picture of The tricky part
Now you have folds on each side of your ring (unconnected right now)

to connect

slide the lip of one side into the slot of the other

there is no great way to explain it but when you are done the sides should stay in ring shape quite well and now you should have a sturdy ring!!

Step 6: The ring is done!!!

Picture of The ring is done!!!
Now you have completed making your gyroscopic flying ring!!

Step 7: Throwing your ring!!

Picture of Throwing your ring!!
Whether you know it or not, you already know how to throw the ring. simply hold it heavy side forward and throw like a football

throw low and put spin on it and your ring can fly amazing distances!!


i will have a video up soon!!