Flying in From Up High, Is Echo the Patriotic Skydiver!





Introduction: Flying in From Up High, Is Echo the Patriotic Skydiver!

This is Echo, a 9 year old Boston Terrier and she is dressed as a Patriotic Skydiver.  She is wearing her Red, White and Blue and soaring in from the sky in her handmade skydiver costume!

Echo is wearing her Red, White and Blue for Halloween to support the USA! 

The jumpsuit is two shades of taffeta with white binding trim. Measurements were taken of her nexk, leg length, back, waist, and chest. To highlight the jumpsuit with some flare, white binding was sewn on to add visual depth. 

The parachute pack is actually an adult backpack that was completely deconstructed and put back together. It was no easy task and I broke 6 heavy duty sewing machine needles in the process! The parachute pack has adjustable straps around her back legs, and a velcro closure at her neck.

The parachute is red, white and blue satin to represent the USA. Each color has a cord attached that sliders through the risers making the chute look more authentic. The cords are all secured to the underside of her pack.

D rings were sewn on to the chest strap and her pull cord on the back of the pack.

Her skydiving wrist altimeter is a watch that we resized and painted. For the final touch, she is wearing white doggy goggles!
All of this was sewn with a very basic sewing machine and by hand.



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    Love the finished product! Would love some step by step photos too! :)

    That canine altimeter is the detail that pushes this into the stratosphere. More process photos next time, please. :D