The R73-OPS is the same heli as the Syma S109G, it's just re-branded. You can get it prized at $39 us dollars or $30 us dollars.
It's very hard but not impossible to get it at $25 us dollars.

So, if you are interested, go to the first step.(description).

Step 1: Description!!!

For it's size, it has great detail.
It's 3.86 inches in height, 1.5 inches in width , and is 8.66 inch in length.
The main rotors are 7.48 inches each, and are counter-rotating.
The tail rotor is 1.18 inches.
The heli has two led lights. 
You can't fly it outside because it uses a inferred emitter for the controller.
It's a three Chanel heli.
Even though it has a giro, it sometimes needs trimming.
One thing that I did not like is that it takes 40-50 min. to charge. And 5-6 min. of non-stop flight time.

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