Picture of Fnork 2.0
Here you can learn how to create the fnork 2.0.

The previous sentence probably raised two questions, what is a fnork, and what was the first iteration. Fnork is a contraction of fork, knife, fork. The first iteration was simply those three items welded together.

The fnork 2.0 offers increased functionality over the fnork, and vastly increased cutlinary extremism over you traditional forks and knives.

Step 1:

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GRitter3 years ago
We once had someone nail a steak to our roof and this would have been perfect.
crudders3 years ago
It's not complete until you've added a motor to it.
have you thought about adding a spring to pull the knife back?
Now you just need to make a Fnoon!
rimar20003 years ago
Very clever! And very useful in these cases.