Use a foam fruit box to make detailed scenic miniature landscapes for model railways, garden settings or dioramas. There is a very quick lesson in scenic painting included.
Another method, which I just found, for melting the foam is the use of Orange Peel Oil (usually comes as air freshener in a spray can). This does not put off the toxic fumes and can be done inside, if you can't easily get an outside space to work in. <br> <br>One of my subscriptions on YouTube (Green Power Science) just put out a video on recycling polystyrene. <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrCY7MkDaGk
Looking at this again if may be pretty strong. I think that if you made a solution of the oil with alcohol it would weaken it up a lot for a more controlled time of dissolve.
&nbsp;Thats just what I need to add to my trainset heres a picture of my trainset
Very cool. I would like to see more scenic painting techniques on this site.
I agree, although I am not a scenic artist I do work around them at times, they have some fantastic methods with paints, one thing I notice about all the methods is it involves a fair bit of layering, sometimes it's like watching a magic show, a good scenic artist can pull illusions far greater then the best magic acts. Sadly I feel in the film industry it is very much a dying art.

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