Introduction: Foam Box Miniature Mountains

Use a foam fruit box to make detailed scenic miniature landscapes for model railways, garden settings or dioramas. There is a very quick lesson in scenic painting included.


strmrnnr (author)2012-06-17

Another method, which I just found, for melting the foam is the use of Orange Peel Oil (usually comes as air freshener in a spray can). This does not put off the toxic fumes and can be done inside, if you can't easily get an outside space to work in.

One of my subscriptions on YouTube (Green Power Science) just put out a video on recycling polystyrene.

strmrnnr (author)strmrnnr2012-06-17

Looking at this again if may be pretty strong. I think that if you made a solution of the oil with alcohol it would weaken it up a lot for a more controlled time of dissolve.

inventordude14 (author)2010-01-23

 Thats just what I need to add to my trainset heres a picture of my trainset

Fildain (author)2009-02-12

Very cool. I would like to see more scenic painting techniques on this site.

rollingstock (author)Fildain2009-09-05

I agree, although I am not a scenic artist I do work around them at times, they have some fantastic methods with paints, one thing I notice about all the methods is it involves a fair bit of layering, sometimes it's like watching a magic show, a good scenic artist can pull illusions far greater then the best magic acts. Sadly I feel in the film industry it is very much a dying art.

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