Step 10: Paint the board

Picture of Paint the board
Forget the spray paint, i tried it and it peeled off right away and left me with a mess to sand off. Go pick up some purpose designed paint (fiberglass covering) at your local marine supply store. Paint on cool designs (something I haven't done yet).

My sister's yoga pad worked really well for the foot pads. She hasn't noticed that its been shortened 12 inches yet.

Screw in whatever type of strap you can find for the grab handle (not shown). If you've measured the holes correctly you can use a commercial handle.
or you could paint the foam with latex based spray paint or just latex based paint.
aplauche6 years ago
a good method for spraypainting boards is to put one layer of fiberglass on then spray paint on it, and then cover that layer with another thin coat of fiberglass to keep the paint from coming off the board. make sure no paint goes to the foam though, or you'll be in trouble