Step 10: Paint the Board

Forget the spray paint, i tried it and it peeled off right away and left me with a mess to sand off. Go pick up some purpose designed paint (fiberglass covering) at your local marine supply store. Paint on cool designs (something I haven't done yet).

My sister's yoga pad worked really well for the foot pads. She hasn't noticed that its been shortened 12 inches yet.

Screw in whatever type of strap you can find for the grab handle (not shown). If you've measured the holes correctly you can use a commercial handle.
<p>In the materials what do you mean with 3/8?</p><p>Where can I get the epoxy for a low price?</p><p>what do you mean with the 1:1 ratio and 2:1 at the mixing epoxy with micro?</p>
<p>Hey Waterskichamp. I got my vacuum bag, epoxy and glass at Noah's Marine near Toronto. <br>This board was based on a few rules of thumb for foam thickness and # of layers of glass floating around on the internet for kiteboards. I think it would definitely work for jump skis and probably make a nice pair but you would want some idea of how much strength is required to survive the impact forces associated with the sport. I don't think it is easy to estimate stresses in composite boards / skis on water surfaces but if you do find a way to calculate it, please please share the results / method. You could always use carbon fiber to get the strength up and maybe thicker foam. </p>
Hey water fox. Quality work. I want to make a pair of jump skis. I'm curious as to where you got your vacuum bag and if you think that a thinned version of that board but 90 inches long would be strong enough?
In the glassing step do you put epoxy on foam, then put glass down, then more epoxy, then glass? <br> <br>And is there a layer of epoxy on the last layer of glass?
I will answer for vaccuum made, but it is basically the same for a no vaccuum old school board. <br>On vaccuum boards we get a glassy bottom finish from the mold, nothing else to do. On top, it is a rough aspect though. It is considered to bit a bit porous and the touch is rough. So you have to glass it. <br>It is easy and complicated at the same time. So I will give you a couple of tricks. <br>You have to use a pre warm epoxy. To do so pre warm it before mixing it (in winter put it not too far from the heater, in summer if ext temp is 25 or 30C no need to warm it more (resin dependant)). Prepare between 100gr and 200gr of mix, avoid mass reaction (use a large recipient, never ever use a glass recipient). Use a large brush and start to apply your mix on the all board. You need to do it until you have to force quite a bit to brush it. Otherwise the resin will not lay well on the board and group into small balls. If your resin was not tacky enough it will take some time, be patient! Otherwise prepare for a painful sanding. <br>Now be prepared for the second trick! You need a bottle with a spray tip (like the one to clean windows), filled with acetone. Spray a thin cloud of acetone over your glass finish. It is kind of magic. It should clear your imperfections, remove micro bubbles on the surface and getting you the slick finish you were looking for. <br> <br>/!\ Board Shaping is a drug, once you start you will want more! <br>Enjoy
or you could paint the foam with latex based spray paint or just latex based paint.
&nbsp;awesome ible. faved +5<br /> <br /> Im thinking of making the same thing only a skimboard version, any suggestions/tips?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> -thanks<br />
Well done... Thanks for your knowledge!<br />
I'm guessing this would make an epic trampboard. Some things just like this that are made for trampboarding $99.99 and up.
Hi Waterfox, Great job. A couple of questions. What does the board end up weighing. Also could you use scrap pvc foam used for packing around fridges etc. It's freely available and can be cut with a hot wire. Comes in simlar widths and lengths. Also are the rails hard from one end to the other. Havent used a twin tip yet using a surfboard when kiting. They have hard rails at the end going to softer rails. Thanks for this Instructable, it is great.
Hey Waxhead, To answer your questions: Before painting the board was relatively light compared to commercial boards, I've yet to weigh it but after painting it got a little heavier but it is still well within my desired performance margin. You can save even more weight by Vacuum bagging during the construction process but otherwise just use epoxy sparingly. As for using PVC foam, I've heard of people using it for twin tip boards but some did have problems with the boards breaking easier. Core cell is a little heavier and more expensive but both of those disadvantages would probably be offset by having to use more glass and epoxy to strengthen the pvc board. For the small difference in cost and the fantastic workability of Corecell i would recommend it. Also, i may be wrong but i think I've read cutting PVC with a hotwire produces very toxic gas. Go crazy on Styrene but please double check this for PVC before cutting it. The rails are pretty much hard from one end of the board to the other since you will be riding it regular and switch like a wakeboard. Happy kiting!
I had no idea that you could do this at home. What about wakeboards? Could you do those at home?
yes, wakeboards are VERY similar to kiteboards. the key difference is that they have more rocker and some have rails and other fancy stuff on the bottom, but depending on what type of wake board you want its very doable. one other thing to consider is the bindings. you might want to pruchase pre fitted female threads to sink into the foam core so you can switch out bindigs
cool. i'm kind of bored with the paint job on mine so i think i might paint the top, what should I clear coat it with? some kind of epoxy?
a good method for spraypainting boards is to put one layer of fiberglass on then spray paint on it, and then cover that layer with another thin coat of fiberglass to keep the paint from coming off the board. make sure no paint goes to the foam though, or you'll be in trouble
great intructable! ive been snowkiting and landboarding because i dont have the money for a kiteboard right now, this will definitely help!
awsome. do you think id be able to use this tenuche ( forget my spelling ) to make a wakeboard?
Yes you could! I'm considering it myself. You'll find wakeboards have more features of the bottom of the board, built in fins and rails which may be a challenge. Just use more glass to make it stronger for those big jumps and increase the rocker.
once you get to where you are going how do you get back? wait for the wind direction to change? Looks like a blast for some small kayaking type of boat too.
Kiteboarding is just like sailing. You can sail pretty much anywhere you want however the you cannot point directly upwind. You basically zigzag upwind to get to where you want to go.
Excellent work! Where is the picture in step 11 from?
Thanks man. That picture was from kiting up on Lake Rousseau last weekend. Its near Bracebridge Ontario. I hope to do most of my kiting on Lake Ontario in front of Kingston and on Cherry Beach in Toronto.
I learned to kite in Boston. During the summer, do you have to hold out for low pressure systems to bring awesome SW wind, or are there other factors you look for?
It is in fact the South West wind we pray for in all three of the locations I mentioned. I hear Kingston's wind system is almost completely due to thermals and cannot be forecast very accurately. This agrees with the fact that I've been owned the last few times i've been up there in a light aircraft on a clear day. After last summer of windsurfing there I would say we get about 2-3 days a week of good wind in mid summer and 4+days in September. Its a pretty sweet spot for all wind sports and kiting is really starting to catch on.
Im sure these steps could be used to manufacture any style board. Here in West Texas we have a bunch of sand dunes and board there. Im thinking Ill make a sand board and kite for here. Lots of wind = Lots of fun!<br/>

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