Foam Creations: the Hook

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Introduction: Foam Creations: the Hook

You can make almost everything out of foam. You can use these steps to make your own ideas come to life. It's easy, somewhat fast and it's cheap. Think about it... Go to your local decor store pick a piece of art and compare the price to make it or the price to buy. But then again if you make it, it becomes priceless.

Step 1: Find the Piece of Foam; Gather Supplies

You get foam from hardware stores, superstores, craft stores, etc.

Supplies I used were...
Crafting Foam or Styrofoam, tho crafting foam works easier
Type of Hand saw for cutting foam into shape
Sanding tools
Mod podge
Wood glue/ Elmer's glue
Plaster of Paris
Popsicle sticks (mixing)
1" brush or sponge brush

Step 2: Mark'n'Cut

Mark your creation on the StryoFoam n then cut it out

Step 3: Sand'N'Coat, Sand 'N'Coat, Then Sand'N'Coat

After cutting out what you are going to make sand it as smooth as you can. Mix gesso, wood glue, and plaster of Paris together. Spread the mixture over your creations and let dry. After drying, sand again and recoat, repeat this step till desired smoothness.

Step 4: Paint

Paint your creation and coat with mod podge to seal and protect. If sealed probably you can spray paint the piece and have no problems.

Step 5: Put on Display

After all steps are complete, put your new beautiful piece of art on display for all to admire your creativity and money saving skills



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I like your Instructable

Thank you so much for sharing


Thank you sir!

Really awesome idea!

Voted for Paint It! :D

Thank you very much

This looks great!

Affordable, impressive and something that's very do-able - I love it.

Thanks for posting this!

Thanks cheese queen for the advice, but if you read step 1 I state where you can get foam and how crafting foam works easier than styrofoam

For larger or more complex projects, consider using a sheet of insulating foam from a big box hardware store.

It comes in 4'x8' sheets and up to 3" thick. Very dense and smooth grained-much easier to shape with a rasp, file or knife. (Actual white styrofoam, while cheap, isn't much good for carving unfortunately; will always try to break at the little "beads" its made of.)

For the bevel I cut a rough angle with the handsaw, then sand before the coat of PoP, wood glue, and gesso. I would sand and shape bare foam then coat with mixture

Any tips on getting that nice bevel around the edges? You mentioned using a handsaw...did you just cut it on an angle?

Sand'n'coat, after coating the foam u must sand the higher and rough edges. Using course sand paper to more fine sand paper, it's a process but it's well worth it