Foam Cutter Table





Introduction: Foam Cutter Table

A cheap and easy hot wire cutter for any RC modeler who needs to cut pieces of foam from a sheet or block.

Step 1: Get You Your Materials

Supplies list
A box with foam packaging inside for mounting the cutter
A hand held hot wire cutter, available from micheals in the foam section, costs about $20 unless you use a coupon.

A hot glue gun and extra sticks (not pictured)
A stanley or Xacto knife
marker, to mark foam

Step 2: Cut Mount for Cutter

use a marker to outline the hole you want to cut out, i used the center hole for the mount hole. as you cut out the hole with the hand cutter keep the circle that is left this will be used later on for to mount the cutter. you need to cut a smaller hole in the middle of the cut circle you just cut. can see in the picture that you need to cut a piece off to make it a circle. Then make sure that the hole is big enough to fit the small shoulder on the cutter like in the pic.

Step 3: Mount Cutter and Make Reccess in Foam

next you need to cut a large hole in the bottom chunk of foam where the handle of the cutter will be. the end of the cutter that the power supply plugs into will be at the bottom of the box so you need to cut a hole in the bottom of the box where you will add legs to hold it up so you can plug it in.

to mount the cutter put the mount ring on, but don't glue it, then place the mount in a place where the edge of the metal mount piece on the cutter is flush with the top of the foam. mark it with a marker and glue just the ring in place and add a few pieces of scrap foam to reinforce the joint.

Step 4: Mount Cuter and Feet

after you mount the mount ring it is time to hot glue the cutter in the mount. start by sliding the cutter on and making sure it is straight up, then add a few dots of glue to the bottom of the ring and put it in, hold the cutter and check the alignment as the glue dries. after that make sure you get rid of the kitten that might be inside the box before you put the foam back in. (JK! =P) then cut a hole in the box for the plug on the cutter like in the picture. and cut a hole in the top for the cutting rod to go through.

Step 5: Finishing Steps

next use some pieces of foam from the packaging and cut 4 equal cubes or rectangles for the feet make sure they are at least 1"-2" long and glue them to the bottom of the box. then make sure the cutter's switch is on so you can plug in the power supply included with the cutter when you want to use it then simply unplug it to turn it off.

you are done! now enjoy the endless possibilities of using your hot wire cutter table!



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    11 Discussions

    I like this because there is no overhead arm holding the wire taut. You can just make a plunge cut to start instead of making a cut with a knife first.

    this one is good but I found this on and its got to be the best Ive ever found and it works perfect, I built it in under 2 hours. It super accurate.

    I wonder if that little cutter could be adapted to a 3 axis CNC router, for alittle more fun, and options?

    I want to use a clothes hangerwire  bent into a shape about 12"- 14" long.What power source can I use, that I can regulate. I know a car battery charger will get it hot, but how to regulate???

    1 reply

    Try one of those old black-cube-type transformers that turns 120VAC to 5 to 12VDC (make sure it puts out at least an amp). And many people use dimmer switches to regulate power to hot-wire foam cutters.

    I got a cheapy soldering iron at the 'everything for a dollar store' that looks a LOT like that hand-held cutter. How possible would it be to place a longer wire into it, and wire in a light switch dimmer in one side of the wiring, and use that?

    After trying briefly to do something like this by mounting the cutter in a cardboard tube so I could stick it through the umbrella hole of a patio table I had a brainstorm. I commandeered DHs Workmate portable work bench and simply cranked the adjustable planks together to clamp the styro cutter at the proper height. For mostly straight cuts you can use a hot knife (soldering iron type of thing with an exacto blade at the end) this way, too. And one more tip, for anyone looking to buy a styro cutter. Craft stores like Michaels and JoAnns frequently have 40-50% off on one item coupons available, bringing the cost of this gadget down to 10 or $12.


    in step four, are you about to hot wire cut that cat for mounting? good ible. and yes it is ironic.

    yeah i was thinking of that through the whole build and i also though it was ironic that i used the foam cutter to cu the foam to mount it.

    am I the only one who finds it semi-ironic that you're securely holding a foam-cutter... with foam (albiet styro) dunno, just brought the image of a butter-based hot-knife holder

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