A harmless foam knife for play-fighting or, as I use it for, a handy last stand airsoft weapon.
You will need:
1 foam flip-flop sandal (I got a pair for a buck at Old Navy) be sure it's big enough for your knife.
a picture or some idea of what you want your knife to look like
a razor blade (optional)
a marker
a pair of scissors
duct tape or electrical tape
several feet of cord(or something else you want to make the grip out of)

Sorry about the lack of pictures. Once again, I didn't decide to make an instructable until the thing was already made. If I make another one, I'll put more pictures up.

UPDATE: Today (8-6-09) I went airsofting and wound up making 2 more of these for my friends. We wound up getting in knife fights all the time, and these work great! Also, I wrapped the new ones in electrical tape before cord wrapping the handles, and also put tape on the blade of mine. The tape covers the treads on the bottom, and makes iit slide in and out of the sheath more easily. I got lucky with the sheath, which I made out of the shoulder strap from an old messenger bag.

Step 1: Shaping the Knife

1. Cut off the strap that holds the sandal to your foot.

2. Use your marker to draw the outline of the knife you want on the foam. I recommend drawing it diagonally across the foam to get the most length out of it, and to avoid the holes from where the strap was attached. For my knife, I used a picture of a Ka Bar USMC combat knife, which is really freaking sweet.


3. Cut out your knife shape with scissors.

4. Wrap the knife shape with duct tape. I did not do this on mine because I don't have any duct tape. Once I do, I will perform this step.

Step 2: Making the Handguard and Pommel

1. For the pommel, simple use the scissors to cut the end into a round-ish shape, as seen in the picture.

2. For the hand guard, I took a scrap of foam about three inches long, and split it in half lengthwise. I then held a strip in either side at t he base of the "blade" and taped the ends together on either side.

Step 3: Cord-Wrapping the Handgrip

My browser wont let me put the video in the instructable, so here's the link.


When you're done wrapping the handle, your done with your knife. Congratulations! Now go foam stab your friends, parents, pets, siblings, teachers, etc. (Note: Don't run around with this in public, you will probably get in trouble of some sort.)
<p>It's Really nice and very simple. thx for the Instructable. Now i can be the melee master of our Airsoft fields!</p>
<p>damn this is nice , i think you will enjoy this : https://www.instructables.com/id/The-harmless-games/</p>
<p>Actually, this has a VERY practical purpose. </p><p>When training in how to fight with a knife, you need a safe training replica to use with your training partners. This way, you can work on your moves with someone and not kill them! </p><p>The key is to make a practice knife that approximates the knife you will use for real. The weight won't be the same, but it's a good training tool nonetheless.</p><p>That's WHY, mole-moron.</p>
Very survival
if you melt it you can make an emergency knife
cool its like an airsoft knife
now illbe a real soap mactavish<br />
&nbsp;lol. that was an epic ending huh?
yup he bloody pulled it from his stomach and threw it to that general guy<br />
speakin of which, does anyone know how to do the knife flourishy thing after he pulls it out?
i just made it!i made 2 knives<br /> i made the handguard and pommel along with the cut-out!make an instructables on how you make a knive system (holstre)<br />
i put a metal tent stake on my m14 and it looks sick...it actualy fit into the bayonet lug pretty good
Yeah, but this wont kill anyone if you stab them.
oooops that explains why my friend is gushing blood from his chest and he isnt moving
sorry i forgot to say it was airsoft
thats pretty cool
finally a combat knife that i can use when i go larping with my friends this week we are fighting a dragon we made
Nice, LARP is awesome!

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