Introduction: Foam Gladiator Armor

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Hello this is my first intstructable I hope it is good.

Step 1: Tools

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You will need an exacto knife,pen,hot glue gun,hot glue sticks,brown craft foam,and black craft foam

Step 2: Design

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Design the pauldron the way you want using a pen,draw your design on paper first then take measurements.

Step 3: Cutting

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After design and drawing cut it out.

Step 4: Finish the First Piece

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Now you need to make an outline on black foam,cut it out,then hot glue it on.

Step 5: More Design and Duplication

Duplicate the piece twice then glue those.

Step 6: Length

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Now you can get even more creative! Choose the length you want it to go down to on your arm.

Step 7: Buckles and Belts

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Now grab some extra foam and cut out a 1 inch strap that will fit under your arm.

Step 8: Almost Done

Now attach another strap onto the end of the pauldron and show off.

Step 9: Other Options

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This tutorial could also be good for leg armor


AtomicDonut (author)2014-07-09

Yes I have I will make a instructable for that soon

Awesome job! Have you made any more armor from foam?

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