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It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a foam balloon hovercraft! In this instructable i'm gonna teach you how to make a hovercraft, quick and cheap. 

Step 1: The stuff ya'll are gonna need.

Picture of The stuff ya'll are gonna need.
Ok here's the list (it's all cheap stuff pretty much just laying around the house just screaming, "pick me up and make me into a foam hovercraft) :

1. a 16oz Ajax soap bottle (might clean it out or you'll be blowin' bubbles the whole time)
2. a 8'' by 6'' by 1''ish piece of foam (we used minicell foam but you might something better)
3. a hot glue gun
4. a Sharpie
5. a razor blade (we ended up using something a little more heavy duty, lol)
6. and a balloon (doesn't necessarily have to be green)
7. and something to cut the foam like: bandsaw, hack saw, scroll saw, saber saw, chainsaw!

and thats all your gonna need! 
LiftAndLove3 years ago
how doesit works?
does the air from the ballon go through the hole that goes through the center and push it up?
machoturtle (author)  LiftAndLove3 years ago
yep thats the idea!
LiftAndLove3 years ago
dude...use scissors to cut the foam...*O*
machoturtle (author)  LiftAndLove3 years ago
lol i shoulda...i actually used my big pocket knife to cut, not that wimpy little razor blade! lol
mikeasaurus3 years ago
I love these hovercraft toys, endless fun! Also, the stopper-top is a nice touch.
machoturtle (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
blossom92833 years ago
do u have a video of it in action?
machoturtle (author)  blossom92833 years ago
Not as of yet...
Kevin123453 years ago
a hole drilled through the foam slightly above the bottome could allow enough air oout to make it self propelled
machoturtle (author)  Kevin123453 years ago
Cool idea!