It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a foam balloon hovercraft! In this instructable i'm gonna teach you how to make a hovercraft, quick and cheap. 

Step 1: The Stuff Ya'll Are Gonna Need.

Ok here's the list (it's all cheap stuff pretty much just laying around the house just screaming, "pick me up and make me into a foam hovercraft) :

1. a 16oz Ajax soap bottle (might clean it out or you'll be blowin' bubbles the whole time)
2. a 8'' by 6'' by 1''ish piece of foam (we used minicell foam but you might something better)
3. a hot glue gun
4. a Sharpie
5. a razor blade (we ended up using something a little more heavy duty, lol)
6. and a balloon (doesn't necessarily have to be green)
7. and something to cut the foam like: bandsaw, hack saw, scroll saw, saber saw, chainsaw!

and thats all your gonna need! 
how doesit works? <br>does the air from the ballon go through the hole that goes through the center and push it up?
yep thats the idea!
dude...use <em><strong>scissors</strong></em> to cut the foam...*O*
lol i shoulda...i actually used my big pocket knife to cut, not that wimpy little razor blade! lol
I love these hovercraft toys, endless fun! Also, the stopper-top is a nice touch.
do u have a video of it in action?
Not as of yet...
a hole drilled through the foam slightly above the bottome could allow enough air oout to make it self propelled
Cool idea!

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