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One of my wall was very cold and drafty, and during very cold days i could see condensation on it. Considering that my desk is next to it, i couldn't work or play. So decided to do something about it. Spray Foam Insulation, was my weapon of choice.  

I will try to add more detailed later. Please let me know of you have any questions or suggestions. 

Duration of project was about 3 days.



GRRBethea (author)2014-05-08

Great job! What type/brand foam did you use. I looked into DIY foam kits last year and most appeared to only expand a little (1/2 - 1 inch). Getting similar coverage to your project would require a lot of passes. I am looking to do some joists as well as rafters in my attic.

BorikX (author)GRRBethea2014-05-08

Thank you GRRBethea

I used "Foam it Green" and i bought kits from

I believe it took me 3 "FOAM IT 12 Patch & Repair" kits to do it, foam expends about an 1", and needed multiple passes. I think i did 2 full passes and then just spot filling.

Site that i mention has great coverage calculator and great videos how to use product. That help me alot.

They are very DIY Friendly and i also used their bigger kits for another projects.

Good Luck.

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