Foam Knight's Sword


Introduction: Foam Knight's Sword

Broadsword with dagger made out of foam.  Bit rough but it did the trick.  They lasted through a kids party of a dozen young knights bashing the heck out of each other (and me) without any damage.

Made with foam, cardboard and an inner core of a hardwood dowel.

Having used the dowel successfully without any breaks or tear outs must have been beginners luck.

I think that in future I would use a smallish diameter pvc pipe instead.  Sturdy enough not to break and can be safely capped at the end so that if a tear out of the foam occurs then the point would not be sharp.

Not hard to make just a bit fiddly.  You want an instructable for it then let me know. 



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    well i live in Israel so no Walmart does pool noodles actuly work

    You can get it at walmart

    Just use a foam swimming pool floaty

    I was wondering the same thing. But more importantly (well, to me), what kind did you use? I've been searching all over for foam for this kind of thing. Do you think it would withstand a bunch of teenagers bashing the swords against each other and other foam swords?

    I got some closed cell foam (PE or EVA) cut to length from my local rubber store. It's similar to the foam that you get in those pelican cases or similar but in a longer length. I got lucky cause they had some offcuts that were already the right length then I cut them down further using an electric carving knife. Then drilled out an inner core with a very long drill bit and a lot of patience.

    These were good for their day (5 years ago) but since then I have seen a lot of good quality LARP latex swords going around with a carbon fibre core.

    If I were to do the same thing again I would not use wooden dowel, but a narrow diameter pvc plumbing pipe with a cap end glued to the pointy end. This would prevent the swords snapping.

    Having said all that we still have some laying around the house and they are still going fine.

    Thanks for all the info!!! It really helps a lot. I don't have a carbon fiber cord to put up the middle so I'm using some sort of lovely plastic, hollow, wire holder stuff. It's kinked a few times, but then again that's from back when I was using cardboard to cover them.

    I found this ( wonderful page on wikipedia, and it says to use latex foam too. I think I'm going to go with latex foam, I just need to know where to get it. Do you know a place where I could get latex foam? Online would be best, but a store would work, too.

    Hmmm I guess that depends on where you live. I live in Australia so I got my rubber from a store called Clark Rubber. There seem to be quite a few online stores that sell latex rubber, but I found this link which actually tells you how to make a latex rubber sword. Hope this helps.

    Thank you for the link! Could you send me the website for one of those online stores that sells latex rubber? Thanks.