I made this for a school project a few years back.
I didn't document the whole thing, so I couldn't complete the Instructable. I just remembered about it and decided to post the video.
that is awesome we r gonna do somtin like tat 4 school
I hope you are learning grammar first...
How did you get the pulley system to connect to the rear wheel axle? are there gears under the car or something??
The string was just tied to the axle. You don't really need that pulley at all.
me likey
that's an unusually bulky <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mousetrapcar.com.au/how-to-build-a-mouse-trap-car/">mouse trap car</a> design.. but it works.. hehe<br/>
exellent!!!bravo! i relly love this site..
we love this site
I just posted a design for a window shade car. Check it out! Pull down window shades give the car a lot more torque and distance than mouse traps because the torque spring is several inches long.

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