Picture of Foam Plate Plane
Are you tired of buying overpriced parts for your rc plane? Well this is for you I have saved over $50 with this plan

Step 1: Get The Materials

Picture of Get The Materials
You need the following things, 1. Old styrofoam plate 2. Old airplane part 3. Hot glue You also need siscors

Step 2: Get A Templet Of The Part

Picture of Get A Templet Of The Part
Tape up the old part as best you can or just design a new one

Step 3: Start Drawing

Picture of Start Drawing
Trace or draw the part on the plate make sure you draw where the hinges are

Step 4: Cut Out

Picture of Cut Out
13, 5:38 PM.jpg
Cut out the part be carful don't cut where the hinges go

Step 5: Make Hinges

Picture of Make Hinges
13, 5:38 PM.jpg
To make the hinges just run it over with a pincle a couple of times to push in the styrofoam but don't go all the way through and then test it

Step 6: Add Control Horn And Wheel

Picture of Add Control Horn And Wheel
13, 5:38 PM.jpg
Mark where the control horns go and the wheel and install just like you usually do

Step 7: Install

Picture of Install
Mine was a perfict fit but if yours is to thin you might have to ca some plates together to get it right but install like normal and go fly
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backflip11 (author) 1 year ago
Ya it did mine
Nice fix... I think ca glue would melt Styrofoam.
Dylan get a life this is jacob