Picture of Foam Predator Mask

Having made the plasma caster and the Bio helmet, I next wanted a full (and realistic) Predator mask. The normal way that these are made is to sculpt in clay, take a mould of the sculpt and then cast in latex. This requires space (which I don't have), skill in sculpting (which I don't have), and cost of materials (which I don't have). I needed an alternative method.

The idea is simple, build the mask from upholstery foam, then 'skin' it with latex, paint it etc.
It's a learning curve for me since I had never attempted anything so complex using foam and latex.
Upholstery foam is cheap and readily available, in fact you could make the mask from old recycled furniture foam. If you can get the white or cream coloured foam you will require far less work at the painting stage.

I bought a pack of 1/4", 1/2" and 1" thick foam sheets, each about 45" x 60" for less than £15.00 GBP including postage. Plenty for three or four masks.

Before you begin, gather as many good quality images of the Predator as you can find. I printed out 3 or 4 of the best from different angles to work from.

Above is a still image of the final mask and body paint for a video shoot.
jleighkrupp3 months ago

If you can create this...you are sculptor!! This is beautifully done!

PeckLauros3 years ago
Well done! Amazing work.
rico20503 years ago
What brand of latex did you use
thepred20123 years ago
This is my favorite Instructable...You are very precise, very knowledgeable and the pics are great. Thank You so much! I am starting this project as soon as I get home from Afghanistan!

I am assuming when you say "hot glue" you mean a glue gun and glue sticks?
wow amazing
Kryptonite3 years ago
That is so incredibly scary, and also incredibly brilliant!
Totally amazing work!