Having made the plasma caster and the Bio helmet, I next wanted a full (and realistic) Predator mask. The normal way that these are made is to sculpt in clay, take a mould of the sculpt and then cast in latex. This requires space (which I don't have), skill in sculpting (which I don't have), and cost of materials (which I don't have). I needed an alternative method.

The idea is simple, build the mask from upholstery foam, then 'skin' it with latex, paint it etc.
It's a learning curve for me since I had never attempted anything so complex using foam and latex.
Upholstery foam is cheap and readily available, in fact you could make the mask from old recycled furniture foam. If you can get the white or cream coloured foam you will require far less work at the painting stage.

I bought a pack of 1/4", 1/2" and 1" thick foam sheets, each about 45" x 60" for less than £15.00 GBP including postage. Plenty for three or four masks.

Before you begin, gather as many good quality images of the Predator as you can find. I printed out 3 or 4 of the best from different angles to work from.

Above is a still image of the final mask and body paint for a video shoot.

Step 1: Tools and Methods Required

You will need to be able to cut, shape and glue the foam.

I recommend a pair of sharp scissors, a good set of craft knives (an x-acto or scalpel, a box cutter and possibly an electric carving knife will do the job), A steel straight edge or ruler, and a felt pen for marking out, along with a tape measure.

For gluing, hot melt gun, contact adhesive or cement, some super glue and finally some upholstery foam spray adhesive.

Possibly a stencil cutter or soldering iron with changeable tips, although it is possible to do the sculpting part without one.

Finally some rough grit, cheap sandpaper for smoothing out the carved foam. A Dremel type tool fitted with a sanding drum is also an excellent way to speed this up.

Be warned! These tools and materials can be dangerous, use all standard precautions!

You will also need around a litre of liquid latex.

You will certainly find it easier to complete this 'ible if you have a wig stand or head. I got mine off ebay for £5.00 GBP, it's polystyrene, and I coated mine with 6 layers of PVA glue and some acrylic paint to seal it.
Bravo citizen!
<p>Where is this video shoot you speak of?</p>
Hello. I was wondering if there was any way you could make the bio helmet fit over this mask?
<p>If you can create this...you are sculptor!! This is beautifully done!</p>
Well done! Amazing work.
What brand of latex did you use
This is my favorite Instructable...You are very precise, very knowledgeable and the pics are great. Thank You so much! I am starting this project as soon as I get home from Afghanistan! <br> <br>
I am assuming when you say &quot;hot glue&quot; you mean a glue gun and glue sticks? <br>
wow amazing <br>
That is so incredibly scary, and also incredibly brilliant!
Totally amazing work!

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