Step 8: GO FLYING!!!

You are done. Go flying. These planes are light and have very little surface area resistance so they fly well. With the right brushless motor these planes can takeoff vertically right out of your hand.
DocMat9 months ago

Central New York doesn't give many "perfect" flying days, so I've been flying the crud out of multirotors, I'm just getting into planes. I'd rather build and fly foamies because I know I'm going to crash. And you can pick up 20" x 30" sheets for $.99 and Dollar Tree or Dollar General. There's tons of free plans out there, things that aren't for beginners and things for the more advanced pilots. If you want a good amount of plans for free (with the option to purchase kits)- check out www.flitetest.com. I flew a Nutball for the longest time. They're easy to fly and they take a beating. As far as electronics go- check out Amazon. I picked up a set of 4 motor/ ESC sets for $30. They're more for multirotors, but they work fine on smaller foamies. I've seen cheaper receivers on Amazon, but you'd need your own transmitter. You can also pick up smaller 5-9 gram servos for cheap as well. Which are perfect for foamies. As long as you do the research, anything can be found cheap enough.

ashwini112 years ago
Hey do we have to do any programing while conecting electronics to transmiter and reciever...??
cillianm5646 years ago
I want to build one which material would be better balsa wood or foam
Foam is easier to fix, and if you ask me, more fun. A crash with foam means tape and glue. A crash with balsa wood means a full repair job.
Couldn't agree more. I love to build but I would rather fly than repair. A little tape or foam glue is hardly a repair and your up in three minutes. Although, Just for the sake of arguement, and to be fair, Balsa repair really is not as bad as some would think(for a minor crash), but it does end your flying for the day.
Exactly. A balsa plane crash ends your day. Foam planes, it's time to get out the foam-safe super glue and the fiberglass reinforced tape and stick the pieces together.
limppimento5 years ago
First, tak145 thanks for the contribution. I have noticed there are several negative comments as to the quality and design of this plane. Based on my experience of 12 years of experimental r/c design flight, and I still learn new things eveyday, I would like to make a few observations. 1) I have never come across a plane that would not balance unless it was due to a horrible design issue. That doe not exist here. These plans are nearly identical to several commercialy produced kits on the market. 2) This is a 3D profile style plane. I have built several out of 3/16" foam core WITH bamboo dowel supports for the wing. If you want a plane you can run up to max power on you throttle and yank back on your elevator, and keep it in one piece, don't build this plane. Tak145 may not agree, but then again, he made his out of 1/2" foam. 3) could you put a nitro on this. yes but see point #2 above. When I first started out flying all I had was a 2 channel radio, a $3 walmart foam glider, amd a cox .049 engine. So yeah its possible. The important thing is to experiment. This is a great guide for getting you started but dont look to insult someone if you base your battery position off of someone elses picture and it doesnt balance. Ask, don't insult, especially if you went though all the fun of building this then scrap it because of a kink or because you thought you were building a HI-PO Jet. Thanks.
rodneyroy5 years ago
ive looked at these plans before, and they look easy enough. but im not sure if i would trust them, becaouse i  made the bipe from the same website and it didnt fly very good. maybe it was the kind of foam. who knows.
stumpffy3456 years ago
thats cool i may build one of these