Foam Sword , Gun



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Introduction: Foam Sword , Gun

I got bored and had some foam lying around so I made a sword and a gun out of it

Step 1: Out Line

First you need to a foam rectangle about 1" thick the length depends on how big you want your sword to be. Use a marker (Sharpie works best) to draw your sword on the foam

Step 2: Cut Out

After your done drawing it cut it out with a knife

Step 3: Reinforcement (optional)

The handle on mine was very flimsy so I reinforced it by sticking a small rod into the handle and then taping it up with duct tape

Step 4: Gun

I used the scraps for a gun I basically did the same steps as the sword but drew a gun I also cut it lengthwise in half so it was easier to hold I also did not put in a reinforcement



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