Step 1: Get a Trailer

So I had this motorcycle trailer and wanted to sell it but thought why not build a camper to use this summer, then sell it...
<p>I am amped to make one of these myself. Please post more pictures!</p><p>How long did it take?</p>
<p>isn't that stuff full of chemicals?</p>
<p>It's made of polypropylene, the same plastic that is used for zip-lock food bags. Yes, plastic is made of petro chemicals, but this stuff is considered relatively inert. </p>
I really like the idea of this but I would have had a complete wood frame then added the foam then a thin durable plastic of some kind for the skin.
<p>Great idea. Did you save a lot of weight using foam?</p>
<p>Has this been finished? I'm curious to see final steps.</p>
<p>Glad to see someone tried this idea using building foam. I had thought of the possibilities but need the &quot;horse&quot; to pull the cart first! lol</p><p>Like others I can't wait to see the finnished product.</p><p>Skinning it further I suppose he might go for an exterior grade Luane or maybe even Aluminum flashing...? All it needs really is a hard but light weight coating to protect tge Styrofoam. Other tha n that, its almost good to go as is. Might get one or two seasons out of it as is (if he plans to sell the trailer in the future).</p><p>Btw, I looked for the eleipse profile on page link you gave. Didn't see that name mentioned, though they have some neat looking profiles. Which one did you use exactly? Or is it just based on one? </p><p>Weight? Have you ballparked the gross weight of the final build yet?</p><p>And lastly, thanks for sharing your build thus far. I enjoyed the read and info. </p><p>- chase -</p>
I think essentially this is like using a sips method where insulation is glued in between two hard finish sheets. This inturn gives the board rigid structure and becomes a very lightweight and strong. I will be very curious to see how this turns out as I am looking to do something similar.
<p>Hope to see the finished camper. What will you use to cover the top. This would be extremely light weight, but will it hold together at highway speeds? Will it be waterproof? I have a trailer that I need to make into a camper, so will be watching for an update to see the finished camper so I can get ideas. Using the high density styro for sides eliminates a lot of wood sawing and work. very creative thinking ,Josborne1.</p>

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