Picture of Fog Chiller & Tombstone Prop

Soon after my son joined the Cub Scouts last year we were invited to the annual Pack 602 Halloween party. Being a part-time mobile DJ I offered up my services. Being a full-time tinkerer, I wanted something to stop the pack of boys in their tracks and make them say wow!

I decided to create a tombstone & fog chiller for my fogger. The typical fog machine puts out a fairly hot stream of fog which floats up and away, dissipating quickly. Running the fog through a "Chiller" causes the fog to hug the ground a lot longer, giving you a low lying "graveyard fog".


The Chiller is a container that holds ice as the fog passes through it, thus cooling the fog. If you were paying attention in science class you'll remember that hot air rises and cold air falls.


You can buy fog chillers on-line or at stores from $200 on up to over $500. I decided to build one for less than $20 in parts.


 It was a huge success! Follow along as I walk you through my first (but not last) Halloween craft build.

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Unfortunately, I built this before I discovered instructables.com so there is a distinct lack of detail pictures. I’ll do my best to recreate the details here.


Qty.                  Size                 Material

1                      15”x36”            particle board (tombstone)

1                      15”x6”              particle board (box face)

2                      6”x10”x2”         particle board (side pieces for box)

1                      15”x10.5”         particle board (bottom of box)

1                      14”x2.5”           particle board (cross bar inside of box)

1                      4” od                PVC plumbing flange

3                      4”                     wooden letters

1                                              black spray paint

1                                              grey spray paint

1                                              Velspar Stone paint

1                      3”                     PVC pipe

2                      3”                     PVC elbows

1                      25 gal.              storage bin

1                      12’                   dryer hose

4                      3”                     L brackets

1                      12”                   piano hinge

bman20111 year ago
Good design, will work this one into my designs for halloween
timingworks (author)  bman20111 year ago
I look forward to your take on the design. Please post pictures.
dsgreene711 year ago
Looks really good!
timingworks (author)  dsgreene711 year ago
Thanks! It was fun to build and even more fun to use.