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Because sometimes knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what to do.

I knew that fog machines work by passing the fog juice over a heating element, where it vaporized, and was released into the air. So I thought to myself, this would work great on a stove, it obviously cant be flammable because it is shot out over a heating element. It would fill my whole house up with fog, and I wouldn't have to wait for the heating element to charge up every time I fire, like in a fog machine, it would just release the fog constantly.

So I got my method down of pouring the fog juice into a hot pan, letting it all bubble off as fog, and then adding more. It was actually very efficient and worked just the way I thought it would, and before long my entire house was filled up with smoke. However, (I didn't know this when I did it) when the fog juice would burn off, it wouldn't burn off evenly, so of the propylene glycol, triethylene glycol, and distilled water something was getting concentrated in the bottom of the pan.

Watch the video and see what happens. Not only that but I now learned that if its heated over a certain temperature then it releases toxic fumes. Ive probably just shaved off 5 years of my life, at this point I'm probably expected to live to about 26 (this wasn't the first time Ive breathed toxic fumes).


Sandisk1duo (author)2009-10-15

Pretty cool

acaz93 (author)2009-01-17

I'm not shure what's happening to me , but every time i watchthis video i LOL so hard i can't breath!

arch_angel07 (author)2007-04-25

just wondering would it be possible to collect the stuff that pools in the bottom before it bursts into flame, and use it as a type of rocket fuel or somthing of that manner?

m85476585 (author)arch_angel072008-08-21

No, it won't work as "rocket fuel". This would be about the same as using gasoline or cooking oil as rocket fuel (NASA doesn't use that stuff for a reason). Big flames != thrust. To use this stuff as rocket fuel, you would have to burn it under high pressure in the presence of an oxidizer like liquid oxygen or nitrous oxide. Additionally, you would need some kind of nozzle and injection system that injects this stuff into the combustion chamber, and it will be very difficult to get the correct fuel-oxidizer ratio. If you could build such a rocket engine, it probably would be too heavy to even lift itself unless you built it on a very large scale, which is not something the average do-it-yourselfer can do. And even if you could build an engine to burn this stuff, it might tun out that there is not enough energy in it to do anything at all. A much simpler rocket fuel is solid propellant, which combines the oxidizer and fuel in a relatively safe and stable solid form that burns rapidly when lit.

arch_angel07 (author)m854765852008-09-16

so your saying nasa doesn't have nozzles and injection systems on their rockets... those have nothing to do with the fuel, if the myth busters can make a working rocket using salami for fuel, im sure this could create some thrust. you could always add something to speed up the combustion. (that doesn't mean it's the best way, but it might work)

the mythbusters packed other fuel sources into a hallowed out salami roll.. it wasnt pure salami that was being burned off for fuel.

m85476585 (author)arch_angel072008-09-16

NASA uses liquid hydrogen and oxygen in the space shuttle, which is very different from hydrocarbon fuel. There are some rocket engines that use hydrocarbon+liquid oxygen as fuel, though, such as the Soviet NK-33

You can read more about liquid rocket engines, including their history, here:

I would still say that fog juice residue is not a good choice of fuel, though since you don't know what it consists of. Also, I would still say that it would be very difficult to build a liquid-fueled engine yourself.

The Mythbusters salami rocket was a hybrid engine, which means it has solid fuel and a liquid/gaseous oxidizer. Hybrid rockets are quite a bit simpler than liquid-fuel rockets since the reaction is basically self-balancing. The fuel will react with the oxidizer as fast as the oxidizer is supplied, so there is no need to ensure that two liquids flow at the same rate.

photis22 (author)arch_angel072008-08-18

no the mixture doesn't burn fast enough and its probably reeeeely toxic

Nyanman (author)arch_angel072008-07-06

i'll try it.

ARVash (author)2007-09-05

:< ramen is yummy..

firemanfu (author)ARVash2007-10-13

I prefer deep fried cans of wd 40

Vendigroth (author)firemanfu2007-10-13

OMG! It's going on forever!

Vendigroth (author)Vendigroth2007-10-13

Barbequeued (sp?) diesel's nice.

karen608 (author)Vendigroth2007-10-14

yes, with red spray paint.

firemanfu (author)karen6082007-10-15

no Diesel actually makes a very good soufle(sp)

karen608 (author)firemanfu2007-10-15

and also flambed (flam BAYD) as in the photo, on fire!

Vendigroth (author)karen6082007-10-16

:) WE'll have to extend the page soon. I'll stick another 3 inches of LCD onto my monitor, to make room. I'll need to get another monitor, in order to get 3 inches of LCD, but i'll put the rest to good use. Yum.

Does anyone else seem to realize that this started in January?

I feel so special, cuz Vendi here and I started it. I thnik the page is gonna require a bottom scrolll bar soon enough...

We have created something beautiful. :)

rocketbat (author)Vendigroth2007-10-17

yes, truly wonderfull, does anyone else think so?

Come on, just a couple more replies to get the bottom scroll bar. I can then die happy...

almost there!


It cut off my text! It didn't extend... *crys*

Let's keep trying! I want to see this get to that scroll bar! (Off-topic: Anyone played Portal yet? I haven't finished it yet, but I love it!)

Vendigroth (author)ProfessorZ422007-10-19

played it and ep.2, finished the both, loved them both.

karen608 (author)Vendigroth2007-10-19

It seems this reply line is going sideways and not a scroll bar. Weird. Wider and wider.

Vendigroth (author)karen6082007-10-19

PERSEVERE! Soon it'll be wide enough so that single words are too big! MORE COMMENTS!

karen608 (author)Vendigroth2007-10-19

Remember Fantasy Island on TV, ... the plane, boss, the plane. This instructable is .... the flame, boss, the flame! Kind of describes me, and my walking away from the stove. And just this morning I turned on the water in the bathroom and walked outside, fed the cats and got distracted by all the trash in the yard, picked that up and by the time I did that, watched my black cat climb up a huge tree and come down...... the tub was only 3/4 full. You thought it ran over, right? I sure was freaked when I heard the water running. Quick, someone invent me a new addition to my memory. I'm only 48, I'm too young for all this forgetting. Too much multitasking. Comments please! :0)

Vendigroth (author)karen6082007-10-19


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karen608 (author)Vendigroth2007-10-19

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Vendigroth (author)karen6082007-10-19

wiring your head up to a tesla coil might help. your memory won't be much better, but there'll be pretty sparks.

on the subject of Tesla coils... my friend and I made one a while back (like April) and my mom decided that she had to see it, so she helped. When I finished the spark gap, she plugs it in, and goes "How much voltage is running through this?"
"A lot, mom...enough to really hurt."
without missing a heartbeat, her finger was in the spark gap.
Next heartbeat had her jumping up backwards screaming...

Just a friendly reminder, kids...don't mess with electricity unless you know what you're doing...or you're me. ;-)

YES! 9 (was it 9?) months of work, and we've got a scroll bar! well done! far will the site let us extend this...?

Let's see! I think it's ten months now, didn't we start in January? *checks* First post was in August 06, then first reply (me) was January 11th 07, then u replied, and gave me a great paint thinner recipe.

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karen608 (author)SnuffyDaPenguin2007-10-21

This is a good plan - shrinking of the scroll bars. I had to be away from computer in order to earn money to pay for my DSL service of course. And sometimes we have to eat. Sleep? I think this IS useful, in that it is a mini instructable in an instructable of how many posts does it take to minimize both scroll bars and what happens - how small will they really be or what exactly will happen. Thank you instructables for letting us have this thread.

ProfessorZ42 (author)karen6082007-10-21

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karen608 (author)ProfessorZ422007-10-21

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karen608 (author)karen6082007-10-21

i forget the s. Shrink not hrink which is dang hard to pronounce.

karen608 (author)karen6082007-10-21

I have found out what VISTA stands for: Vast indescribable supercilious tainted aberration. Can you find a better explanation?

ARVash (author)karen6082007-10-21

Sounds correct

karen608 (author)ARVash2007-10-21

how about Very Idiotic System That Annoys

ProfessorZ42 (author)karen6082007-10-21

I like the first, but the second is easier for Vista users to understand, I think.

I don't have Portal yet, but I'm borrowing from a friend tomorrow (he bought orange box) right now I'm playing flash portal. I hate vista, and I think I'll go back to '98 when they cancel all the stuff for XP...

steven07 (author)SnuffyDaPenguin2007-10-25

hi all

karen608 (author)steven072007-10-26

The scroll bar experiment continues!

Vendigroth (author)karen6082007-10-26

And with fine results! Hi Steve!

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