Introduction: Foil Man

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A man... You can tear off his arms, make him sit, blow him up, stab him, violently shoot his head off with an arrow...

Step 1: Get Some Foil

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Get some foil and fold in half a couple of times. It should look squarish.(not shown,sorry)

Step 2: Slit

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Use scissors and cut as shown(don't cut to far)

Step 3: Curl

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This is a bad picture, but curl the left and right sides(not tight)until you come to the edge of thetop edge.

Step 4: Curl More

Picture of Curl More

Curl the mid section tighter than the other parts.Use the pliers i didn't tell you about and tighten, round, and tighten the body parts.

Step 5: The Head

Picture of The Head

Round the head the best you can. Use the pliers to help you.

Step 6: Last Step...

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Trim his arms and legs with scissors. Now, you can...

KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry i didn't...


PotatoCoffee (author)2011-12-14

I blew him up with a party popper...

badrang4 (author)2007-08-01

uh the things you can do with tinfoil!

tjmortenson (author)badrang42008-02-09

i put a firecracker under mine and it bent him in half and blew his arm off

Abominatus (author)tjmortenson2008-02-18

SIGH................... IM SO DEPRESSED, FIRE CRACKERS ARE ILLEGAL IN ENGLAND..................NO BIG BOMMS FOR ME..................SNIFF.............. IF YOU WILL EXCUSE ME I NEED TO BE ALONE .........SNIFF.........

funnydan (author)Abominatus2010-11-18

Why are they illegal?

finnster (author)Abominatus2008-06-28

just make some then

Abominatus (author)finnster2008-06-29

how? probablely the explosives are illegal aswell. damn you heath and safety!!

finnster (author)Abominatus2008-07-05

potassium nitrate (stump remover)75% sulfur (gardening stores)10% charcoal (pure, not briquettes)15% this makes gun/black powder

Abominatus (author)finnster2008-07-06

cool... tx but my i wouldn't be allowd. :(

Kaiven (author)Abominatus2008-09-11

make a blowgun :D!!!! Just by some thin pipe, 1/2 inch or about 1.1 centimeters, makea paper cone and glue a nail in the center. Tips for some here:

Hope this cheers you up some!

boogiev2468 (author)2010-10-13


kramtot (author)2008-12-01

wow.. awesome!!!

unominame (author)2008-10-30

i stuck my foil man in the micro wave

Kaiven (author)unominame2008-11-03

Lol! Never thought of that!

unominame (author)Kaiven2008-11-09

i also taped him to my moms van tire when we went for a ride when we came back that foilman was like stabbed up with rocks and completly flat ill post a pic when i get my digital cam.

Kaiven (author)unominame2008-11-09

That sounds like fun.. I'm gonna do that now...

unominame (author)Kaiven2008-11-19

did you do it yet ?

Kaiven (author)unominame2008-11-20

Maybe not... Been busy.

unominame (author)Kaiven2008-12-01

you know what, i strapped another on a ariterilly shell and blew it up, threw it in a mouse trap, i have a cat and i taped him to a ball with cat nip in it..funny but torture

bad apple (author)2007-07-23

i made a foil monkey! check it out! :-)

Kaiven (author)bad apple2007-07-24

i saw it before... does it use tape?

DrWeird117 (author)Kaiven2008-09-10

I need help with curling!!!! BADLYYYY!!!!

Kaiven (author)DrWeird1172008-09-10

OK, here is what you do: 1. USE 1/4 THE FOIL I USED!! I used wayyyy too much, and that is why i used pliers 2. for the curling, you just roll the sides to the center, like a scroll

DrWeird117 (author)Kaiven2008-09-10

well, I still dont get it, sorry, but..................... could you post more pix?

Kaiven (author)DrWeird1172008-09-11

Sorry... Can't use the camera for a while. :( I mean... it's very simple. I know how frustrating it is when yo can't do something, but I'll try to explain a little better: grab your left edge, roll it tightly to the center of your square. Grb your right edge, roll it tightly to the center of your square. The two halves should meet in the center of your square, do not worry if the top notched piece (head) is curled, you ust crumple it into a ball anyway. I hope this helps, and to make it more helpful read very slowly and do what each word says.

DrWeird117 (author)Kaiven2008-09-11

ok, thanks

DrWeird117 (author)Kaiven2008-09-10

ah, thanks

bad apple (author)Kaiven2007-07-24

well, I couldn't figure out a way to hold it together without tape

AnarchistAsian (author)2008-09-04

DUDE!... i used to make these all the time, but then i got bored, so i made it shoot airsoft bbs... i made a barrel from a soda can, and put a pen spring inside, and put it on his arm.

Kaiven (author)AnarchistAsian2008-09-04

LOL the can must be big though... Is the man big, the gun big, or is the gun fitted to a small guy?

AnarchistAsian (author)Kaiven2008-09-04

i cut up the can, and rolled it into a barrel, then i crumpled the foil around it. i'll post pics... it's a little damaged now.

Kaiven (author)AnarchistAsian2008-09-05

Ok. And I've also been confused about the spring and the BB... I think a simple paperclip would suffice... But if your postin' a pic, I'll just wait.

AnarchistAsian (author)Kaiven2008-09-05

in a few days...
sorry. =(

GingerDann (author)2008-03-26

England sucks more, No BB Guns in shops and most Instructables (Not Knex) like smoke bombs use stuff like Salt Peter or some American Produce None Round Here ):

Abominatus (author)GingerDann2008-07-06

bb guns r legal and in shops... i got a p329 sporting one.

finnster (author)2008-07-05


joedacoolguy (author)2007-07-15

amazing i love it i am gonna make tonnes of these and then kill them all. what you could do is fill them with tomato kechup then rip off any chosen lim then look at all the blood or tomato kechup....... blimy i will have hours off fun with this good job

Kaiven (author)joedacoolguy2007-07-16

glad you like it

joedacoolguy (author)Kaiven2007-07-16

i ended up ripping all his lims off and then choped his body in half with sissors, then spent like 20 mins fixing him with blue tack, then i killed him again thanks for the great idea of making a tin foil vitim :-)

Kaiven (author)joedacoolguy2007-07-20

i like battling them together then ave them sword fight, and rip off one of their arms, then drop a 20 lb. wieght on them

Jack Attack (author)2007-01-08

this is the kind of instructable that Iove. Completely useless, but you can spend hours making little villages and then coming up with ways to kill them all (shoot them with airsoft gun, make a fake gallow out wood or k'nex and hang them all, toss firecaracker "grenades" at them and watch them blow up, or make guitones out of x-acto knives and cut off various limbs). Call me sadistic, but I love this stuff

jackfr0st (author)Jack Attack2007-04-18

exactly, antmore like this on the site?

Kaiven (author)Jack Attack2007-01-08

that's exactly what i should check out my foil cows. that way, they have livestock you can kill also.

penguin prankster (author)2007-04-09

Mine broke :-(..... it's head fell off.

Kaiven (author)penguin prankster2007-04-10

lol make a new guy or attach a new head-its very easy.

penguin prankster (author)2007-04-09

Nice Instructable.

onlyonebowman (author)2007-02-22

i like made that in 3rd grade art class

Eklumt (author)2007-01-05

wow, you remind me of some really stupid kid in my school who spent years making foil things, right now hes trying to make a time machine out of old electronics. p.s. Hes 17, and still doing it

Vertigo666 (author)Eklumt2007-01-08

that seems pointless and retarded.

Kaiven (author)Vertigo6662007-01-09

hey, this is my first one. and it's not pointless if you're bored and only 11 years old!!!!!

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