Foil Solar Panels for Windows (VERY Easy) Build one an hour!


Step 7: Applying the window film and aluminum trim tape

Picture of Applying the window film and aluminum trim tape

Tape the film down on a floor or table to have it laying flat.


Tape, pulling each corner until you get the rolls out of the film...
the wrinkles will be taken care of with the hair dryer.



Now place the panel down with the double stick tape facing up and remove the tapes
backing paper.


Flip the panel over... As you can see, this process makes it easy to place the film on the
tape with "NO" headaches.


Press down on all corners and around the perimeter to make sure the tape grabs the film.


Cut around the perimeter to remove excess film.


Remove the excess film and flip the panel over.


Pre-measure and cut the aluminum tape for all sides.


Peel back the tape backing a couple inches.


Align the tape and press the exposed sticky side of tape to the film.


Align the non-exposed side of the tape and start peeling off the backing.


Now press the tape down gently to give you a nice clean edge.


As you apply the aluminum tape, flip the panel up to wrap the tape around the back
finishing off this process


 Now for some fun (at least I think so).
Use your hair dryer to shrink the film finishing off the panel.


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pics of all the steps being done would be very helpful as well. there are lots an lots off pple learn by seeing some thing done in a picture vs steps typed out.
hoverbored3 years ago
Very good Instructible! Question: for the front 'panel' could you reasonably use black ground cloth, as one might use in a garden or yard border?
OhMike (author)  hoverbored3 years ago
You are somewhat right... however, if you place a black piece of sheet metal and a sheet of black fabric in the sun on a hot summer day... you will be able to pick up the fabric... but the metal will give you second degree burns.

Bottom line... any black captures better than any other color and materials make a difference too.
roz3923 years ago
What exactly is that window film. Most window films reduce heat don't they? Wouldn't you want as much heat through as you can get?
OhMike (author)  roz3923 years ago
The film allows for the panel to not loose its collected heat as fast.

The whole idea is to allow the chamber behind the film to hold the heat the foil captures and then only allow a small amount to escape through the opening at the top.
Just seeing the green community in action makes me confident of the future! Think of how far green building products have come and how far they will go in the future!