So in this instructable Im going to show how i made a decent sised fold out desk to squeeze into my small room, as well as a quick refurbishment of an old chair to compliment it.

Step 1: The Room.

My room is fairly small, and its a squeeze to fit things in at the best of times. so when I found I needed a desk to do many of my projects on I had to think space conservation. 

I decided to affix the desk to the side of my IKEA bookshelf. its heavy, thick and wide enough to attach a decent sised desk to. 
<p>Great project. I will make it today.</p>
nice project! Also, your wood floor is absolutely beautiful.
Very nice and the idea itself is great
Because the question I ask because I do lot of work with tech and some times it weights over hundred pounds. And I don't want it to brake on me. And why I ask you used steel change and not fold out legs. To the table.
Only thing is how much weight can it support with out of the use of legs to hold the the table in place because my theory is that what you used on the table it self for the legs I don't know if this make sense to you please respond ASAP
im sorry im not sure what you mean ?
Nicely done! I think that if you have the chain anchored properly and a decent hinge, that this table would easily hold fifty pounds. I've had a similar one for several years, and it holds my computer, several books, etc, without a problem. <br> Ken

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