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Takuo Toda 's signature paper
airplane is no ordinary bit of
origami. After launch on April 11,
the snub-nosed craft wafted so high
into the rafters of the vast
Fukuyama Big Rose Hall in
Hiroshima, Japan, that the camera
operator recording the flight lost
sight of it for a couple of seconds.
The clock kept ticking. Finally, 27.9
seconds after it left Toda's hand,
the fittingly named Sky King
drifted to the ground, ending a
flight 0.3 seconds longer than the
previous world record for a paper
plane. Toda, 53, is president of a
company called Castem that builds
metal parts to order. But he has
also dedicated his life to building
innovative paper aircraft. "Since I
was about 4 years old, I've been
able to make really good paper
planes and commit the steps to
memory," Toda says. He has
developed 700 designs, written a
dozen books on the subject, and
created a museum of paper gliders.

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