Hi!  This is a knex hangar that folds.  I give credit to The Sensei for the idea.

Step 1: The Hook

Should be pretty easy.

Step 2: The Arms

Again, should be pretty easy.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Congratulations!  You are now done with your fold-able knex hanger!
<p>Pretty cool!</p>
<p>Creative, I like! Also, is the little orange connector new? I've never seen one before.</p>
<p>every orange connector in this build is a regular piece</p>
<p>...not. In pic. 5 of step 2, there's one.</p>
<p>that is a standard piece, comes in 700 pice box, it is pretty standered</p>
<p>I have none.</p>
<p>I got my two in &quot;Loopin' Lightning&quot;.</p>
<p>they aren't in the old sets, i think when the micro knex started those orange pieces were introduced too</p>
<p>Ah ok, thanks.</p>
<p>Rrrrrgh.... mpf... *SNAP* &quot;Whew! Got it in!&quot;</p><p>That was pretty much the whole thing.</p>
<p>good job love the build and great picture quality</p>
<p>This is amazing, and great pictures too</p>
<p>That's very good for a first instructable, you earned a favouite</p>
It looks tough. &quot;Don't mess with me cuz I'm a coat hanger!&quot;
<p>Nice! I like that this doesn't use hinges.</p>

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