Step 2: Print pattern

To download the pattern (PDF) click here

You may want to print it at a size according to the amount of felt you have or size of bag to make. Since the pattern is symmetrical you may just reuse sections and not have to print it that large.

<p>Use hardware cloth, it will make a great temporary/disposable sieve. </p>
<p>Interesting idea! That's what I like about designing; absolutely endless possibilities</p>
<p>What a great idea! This is going on my &quot;must make&quot; list. Thank you!!</p>
<p>Happy to help</p>
<p>Excellent! Gonna make it from oilcloth )</p>
<p>I had been thinking what else could be used. Yes! and maybe even the old tarps... Once you make one you will realize how/where to expand the shape to make different sizes/proportions</p>
Nice! I'm going to have to give this a go.
<p>Great! Let me know how it went.</p>
I love the idea! This looks phenomenal!
<p>Oh thanks! I find the greatest joy in designing new things. Give it a shot...</p>
Awesome, where can I buy such heavy weight felt?
<p>If you search industrial felt you ca find suppliers. It comes in different thicknesses as well. I like to be able to feel it to see which I like. The one I used is black on one side and I think it used to line cars. It is quite sturdy. This place looks cool: http://www.brandfelt.com There is some pointers of working with felt on my site</p>

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