Picture of Fold-up Playhouse
This Instructable is a variation of  In fact, it is the same structure you see in the Shelter II photos cut down to a size that will fit in my car when folded up.  Consequently, the comments in Shelter II and also apply here.  The design goals still include one piece fold out construction, mass producability, and inherent rain water shedding without extra tape or sealing.  This one is used as a playhouse and has been outside in Galveston, Texas for three months.  It is easy to move around for mowing the grass, or storing away for hurricanes.   
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
acetone 1.jpg
white 2.83in duct tape.jpg
plumbing parts.JPG
half inch PVC pipe.jpg
hose clamps.JPG
nylon rope.jpg
Coroplast - 5 sheets, 4mm thick, 4 x 10 feet, white (Regal Plastics, Austin, Tx)
acetone (Home Depot)
duct tape - white, 2.88 or wider, 60 feet (Home Depot)
binder clips - 8, large
plumbing parts - 7 sets of male/female adaptors (Breed's Hardware)
PVC pipe -  1/2 inch, 17 feet (Home Depot)
hose clamps - four 2.5 inch (Home Depot)
stakes (Home Depot)
cord - 3 feet (Walmart)

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
ruler & knife.JPG
awl 1.jpg
Dremel & bits.JPG
Drill & plumbing parts.JPG
Sharpie markers
48 inch metal ruler
Utility knife with adjustable depth
Dremel with sheet rock cutting tool and attachment for adjusting depth of cut
1-1/4 inch hole drill

Step 3: The Pattern

Picture of The Pattern
intro diagram.jpg
overlapping panels.png
Here is the pattern for the entire structure.  This pattern will be achieved by cutting, scoring, and taping together the 4 1/2 sheets of Coroplast.  It is a good idea to experiment with the structure by printing out the pattern on a piece of paper or card stock.  Then practice folding and unfolding the structure as shown in the diagrams.  You may discover alternative designs that are better suited to your purposes.  For example, seven or six sides instead of eight.  Experiment with it!   Notice how the end panels overlap so the entire roof will shed rain water to the outside of the structure. 
Great project! Lots of possibilities for play, a rocket ship, castel towers (make 4) with a courtyard. I bet dry erase markers would work on Coroplast as well. Very nice job and an excellent instructable. :)