This Instructable is a variation of  https://www.instructables.com/id/Emergency-Shelter-II-from-Coroplast/.  In fact, it is the same structure you see in the Shelter II photos cut down to a size that will fit in my car when folded up.  Consequently, the comments in Shelter II and https://www.instructables.com/id/Helter-Shelter/ also apply here.  The design goals still include one piece fold out construction, mass producability, and inherent rain water shedding without extra tape or sealing.  This one is used as a playhouse and has been outside in Galveston, Texas for three months.  It is easy to move around for mowing the grass, or storing away for hurricanes.   

Step 1: Materials

Coroplast - 5 sheets, 4mm thick, 4 x 10 feet, white (Regal Plastics, Austin, Tx)
acetone (Home Depot)
duct tape - white, 2.88 or wider, 60 feet (Home Depot)
binder clips - 8, large
plumbing parts - 7 sets of male/female adaptors (Breed's Hardware)
PVC pipe -  1/2 inch, 17 feet (Home Depot)
hose clamps - four 2.5 inch (Home Depot)
stakes (Home Depot)
cord - 3 feet (Walmart)
Great project! Lots of possibilities for play, a rocket ship, castel towers (make 4) with a courtyard. I bet dry erase markers would work on Coroplast as well. Very nice job and an excellent instructable. :)

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