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Foldable Chair 10.jpg
Foldable Chair 12.jpg
This is a model or miniature Foldable Chair can be used as a guidance to make your own foldable chair, to make practical one you can scalable dimensions up to10:1,  plywood instead of cardboard, and hinges.

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Step 1:

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Foldable Chair 2.jpg
Foldable Chair 3.jpg
I made this model of cardboard, the project needs no explanation, pictures are explaining itself.

Step 2:

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Foldable Chair 5.jpg
Foldable Chair 6.jpg

Step 3:

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Foldable Chair 8.jpg
Foldable Chair 9.jpg

Step 4:

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Foldable Chair 11.jpg
Foldable Chair 12.jpg
andrea biffi9 months ago

great design, I should try to build it in wood

saidseyam (author)  andrea biffi9 months ago

Thanks for your comment, please show photos for finished work.

Kiteman2 years ago
Step two of your design process; add a scale figure made of modelling clay.

I suspect that the weight of a "real" person would make a chair in these proportions tip forwards.
saidseyam (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Thanks for your notice, the subject is an issue of try and error.