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Foldable Chair 10.jpg
Foldable Chair 12.jpg
This is a model or miniature Foldable Chair can be used as a guidance to make your own foldable chair, to make practical one you can scalable dimensions up to10:1,  plywood instead of cardboard, and hinges.

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Step 1:

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Foldable Chair 2.jpg
Foldable Chair 3.jpg
I made this model of cardboard, the project needs no explanation, pictures are explaining itself.

Step 2:

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Foldable Chair 5.jpg
Foldable Chair 6.jpg

Step 3:

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Foldable Chair 8.jpg
Foldable Chair 9.jpg

Step 4:

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Foldable Chair 11.jpg
Foldable Chair 12.jpg
Kiteman1 year ago
Step two of your design process; add a scale figure made of modelling clay.

I suspect that the weight of a "real" person would make a chair in these proportions tip forwards.
saidseyam (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Thanks for your notice, the subject is an issue of try and error.