Step 3: Making the board one piece again

Picture of making the board one piece again
ok so this is the part that i could not figure out for the longest time. The reason i chose the aluminum board was because it is hollow in the middle allowing me to add stuff in it. So, i cut up some about 1/4" rods and stuck them into the middle holes of the board. Some of the rods would go in about 4 inches deep and some 1/2 an inch, so that is why they aren't all straight and pretty. I used something like gorilla glue to hold them securely in place. I glued about 15 rods onto both the nose and the tail of the board. While they were drying, i slid them into the board so that they would be in the perfect position once they hardened. the pictures of the rods are on the next step, my bad.
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