I got old computer table that was in bad shape, panels were moving and it needed some fixing. Someone before me was nailing it and doing all sorts of things. To make it stable so it was not looking good at all. I need some work bench but I live in small apartment which i rent so i did not want to screw foldable bench to wall. Also i like option that I could move it around depending of place where I need to work.
Problem with small folding tables is that if desk top is small there is not much place to fold legs.

Step 1: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
I am not giving exact measurements because it depends of table you are using as base and/or how big table you would like to make at the end. I'll give just guidelines by which I made my cats.

Min leg panel length = desktop -panel width * 2 -1cm

In my case
75-1.8*2 -1 = 70.4cm

I made round cuts with radius of 8cm which was smallest I can make with saw-blade I had so for comfortable cut make it bit bigger.
You need desk top and to leg panels. Cut leg panels as on image. I made first middle cut and then from that cut 3 parts for legs.
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naopak_lik (author)  sschoemann2 years ago
That is good idea. I was thinking about them but this hinges were much cheaper and I did not know how would it work. But now that I known I would spent more money on them.

Thanks for comment and please vote :) thansk
gremsgear2 years ago
This is just to cool. Collapsible & portable, the perfect solution for a busy crafter!! Thank you! Well done and great idea.
naopak_lik (author)  gremsgear2 years ago
Thanks for nice words in comment. If you liked it do not forget to vote.
londobali2 years ago
Yes.. Brilliant piece of work!
Very inspiring.. i'll make one for sure!

Thanks for sharing!
naopak_lik (author)  londobali2 years ago
Thank you for your kind word. Don't forget to vote :) thanks
solanna2 years ago
I like the premise, but I dont understand the hinges at the halfway point on the legs.
They are there so the legs can fold in half and lay flat against the back of the table top. Without the folding legs, the height of the table would only be half the length of the top.

His design is 30 inches wide and 30 inches tall. Without the folding legs it would only be 15 inches tall.
Parabens! projeto perfeito.
Vou fazer uma para minha esposa.
A proxima idéia,não esqueça de publicar!
Neolp2 years ago
Very clever space saving portable table. I like the open ended design side of this instructable as well, find your scrap wood and build to your preferred size.
naopak_lik (author)  Neolp2 years ago
thanks, i was using this website to find how to use my scraps ore reuse old furniture it was time for me to give it back. if you like it, please vote for my project. thanks
Very simply, but cleverly done. Also, a nice finish on the table!
naopak_lik (author)  TheWeeScottie2 years ago
Thanks, if you like it, please vote for it on furniture contest :)
I appreciate flat folding designs, and this one is cleverly engineered, well done. Nice job on laminate banding the cut panel edges also, at first glance the table appears to be made out of solid pine rather than particle board.
dimtick2 years ago
I really like this. It's so simple.
Is it stable? with all the hinges it appears that it would be very wobbly. Perhaps you could come up with a way to lock the panels when the table is unfolded?
If you build another one of these and for others, I have a design suggestion. In looking at the design it doesn't seem like you need to have the two panels that fold in on each leg assembly. if you only had one, the other panel could be a solid panel, hinged to the table top which would fold down and somehow clip to each leg assembly as a cross brace. could add a lot more stability. hopefully that makes sense. I did a quick sketch to show what i'm thinking.
anyway.....NICE JOB!
desk sketch.jpg
naopak_lik (author)  dimtick2 years ago
Thanks for nice words and suggestions. Table is stable when opened because 3 hinges that are on legs are not in line so they can't move. and they act as solid metal plates. All force from table is directed vertically towards ground. Two "wings" that are inside add to stability by distributing load over 4 more points. To fold it back you need to pull wings for 3 hinges to align and only when all three of them are in line you can bend legs. That makes it unlikely to happen on it's one.

Thanks again for comment and suggestions are always welcomed. If you like my project pleas vote for me in furniture contest.
rimar20002 years ago
Clever design, and nicely done!
naopak_lik (author)  rimar20002 years ago
Thanks, if you like it please vote for it. :) thanks again
TyrleY2 years ago
oh man you are a genius! I admire cie.you must start the contest furniture I'll vote for your project because it is really sensational
naopak_lik (author)  TyrleY2 years ago
thank you. i submitted it to contest, just now i am waiting for reply to be accepted. thanks for your vote.
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