Step 2: Connecting

Picture of Connecting
To connect all parts you'll use 18 hinges. Left image shows outer side of leg and right inner side of it. After connect legs to desktop with 2 hinges each.

londobali2 years ago
Yes.. Brilliant piece of work!
Very inspiring.. i'll make one for sure!

Thanks for sharing!
chuckyd2 years ago
Brilliant planning and working out. The next level would be to use wood hinges, instead of metal.
Parabens! projeto perfeito.
Vou fazer uma para minha esposa.
A proxima idéia,não esqueça de publicar!
kerns2 years ago
Awesome. Well made and very well documented.

It occurs to me that you could make the top/legs interface modular with some removeable pegs, plus maybe a hook & eye bolt pair per side of each leg assembly, and thus make a desk/table/trestle as wide as you like. Maybe another leg assembly for the middle if you made a very wide top.

Again, very well done! I used to live in a studio apartment and always love to see well executed space saving projects.
This is one of the best ideas to make a really nice portable table. Is it as sturdy as it looks?